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Our happiest times at work are to do with people. Our unhappiest times at work are also to do with…people. To have more of the happier, satisfying times at work it’s vital to have an explanation of human nature.

Where better to look than to our ancestral past where human nature was formed. Through the long journey of human history, we have only recently, beginning with the Industrial Revolution, moved into offices and factories. That 250 years is no time to alter what it means to be human. The behaviour that served us well on the savannah is alive and well in today’s offices, corridors and meeting rooms!

In an engaging and memorable keynote, Andrew O’Keeffe shares a framework of human behaviour. Once we know the framework, people’s behaviour makes a lot more sense. And once we can make sense of our experiences we can make better choices.

Andrew shares the framework by way of stories. These stories include insight he has gain from interviews with ancestral people, including the famous Bushmen of the Kalahari, the Himba people in Namibia and the Maasai in Kenya.  He also connects the understanding of human behaviour by revealing the patterns in nature for a big-brainy social species like ours. He does so by sharing key elements of the early work of Dr Jane Goodall in her studies of chimpanzees. These stories are from his conversations with Dr Goodall.

Andrew is the author of Hardwired Humans and The Boss. Andrew’s background includes senior HR roles with IBM and Optus. Early in his career he worked in industrial relations in the mining and manufacturing industries. He holds a bachelor of economics from The University of Sydney.


Andrew O'Keeffe's presentation at Happiness & Its Causes 2012 was riveting and had the audience of 1,500 people engaged and inspired. Andrew provided a fascinating insight into human instincts and how they can help us make sense of our behaviour and create happier workplaces. The session was both informative and entertaining and generated a lot of discussion.

Happiness & Its Causes

Andrew O’Keeffe really knows how to connect with his audience. He’s a truly terrific, thoughtful and very informative speaker. He has spoken on a number of occasions to our different groups of CEOs and HR directors and each time has quickly connected them with his subject, causing them to share, ask questions and have fun, imparting lots of relevant information about hardwired human instincts providing lasting messages and useful tools for people to apply both in their everyday life and as leaders in the workplace.

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