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Kylie Captain Travels from Sydney, NSW

Kylie Captain


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Kylie Captain is a proud Gamilaroi woman, born and raised in the inner-city Sydney suburbs of Redfern and Waterloo. Kylie is an educational leader and a highly engaging and experienced public speaker.

She is the author of her recently published book Dream Big and Imagines the What If. Kylie’s book and accompanying journal are making a difference in the lives of many across Australia and abroad.

Kylie is the President of the Aboriginal Studies Association and, over the past 23 years, has had an impressive career working in Aboriginal affairs, education, finance, and community service.

In her book, Kylie shares her heart-wrenching story of loss and circumstance. In her honest and powerful voice, she explains how she found the strength and inspiration to overcome the challenges she encountered to now enjoy a full and abundant life.

Kylie has experienced grief, injustice, and tragedy; however, her resilience and inner strength allowed her to transform her life and become the strong, proud Aboriginal woman she is today. In her deeply personal story, she shares a raw and open account of her struggles and demonstrates how a small act of belief can be the catalyst for change and empowerment.

Kylie's story is a testament to the strength of culture, kin, and connection to the Country. She shares her experience and knowledge as an educational leader. Through her narrative, Kylie takes you on an eye-opening journey of truth-telling, identity, and hope. From breaking the cycle and facing fear to using the power of education and visualisation, Kylie inspires the audience to take on life's challenges with strength and courage.

Keynote Titles

  • The Power of Education
  • Resilience, goal-setting, wellbeing
  • Building Leadership and Management Capability


"To Dream Big and Imagine the What If is not only the title of this book but the mantra with which Kylie has chosen to live her life. Kylie’s journey is a story of determination, resilience, strength, and hope, and one I encourage everyone to read. Kylie is a strong, proud, Aboriginal woman who prioritises her time on improving outcomes for her mob. Kylie stands on the shoulders of her Elders and through her yarns shares the importance of “every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be” (Rita Pierson). Throughout this story Kylie shares the many challenges she has faced throughout her life and the lessons learnt to rise above. A story that has you feeling every emotion, but leaves you inspired and motivated to dream big and live the best life you can!”

Natalie Pierson - Aboriginal Educational Leader

Kylie’s story should be heard by every educator, every student, and indeed every Australian. It’s a story of determination, grit, and commitment, of an awakening to the emancipatory power of education to mobilise new ideas, opportunities, and possibilities.

University Of Sydney

“Kylie’s rawness, honesty, and truth are both inspiring and motivating. As an Aboriginal woman, her words leaped out of the page and into my heart pulling on the strings of similarities. Her resilience and positivity as a strong and proud black woman have changed the trajectory of her path. Each chapter of her journey is steeped in connection with people and country. Overlaid with eternal gratefulness she has shaped the darkest moments into spaces of challenge and growth. Never a woman to walk away from a challenge and someone who takes the time to share and encourage others. I’m forever thankful to call her a sista, colleague, and friend. She is both powerfully wonderful and solidly black. It’s without a doubt a must-read.”

Tammy Anderson - Aboriginal Educational Leader

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