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Julie O'Shea Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Julie O'Shea


  • Business Skills
  • Communication
  • Consultant / Coaching
  • Customer Service
  • Engagement
  • Female Speaker
  • Franchise
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Performance
  • Relationships
  • Sales
  • Training

30 years of management and Director/Board experience, with the last 17 years devoted to the franchise sector, has fuelled Julie's desire to now create interactive online workshops and live workshops, especially designed for the hard working women of Australia.  

Julie is intent on bringing more 'inside out smiles' to the world!  She has done the hard yards and the flying highs, so has a suitcase full of knowledge and knows how to deliver it in a way that will feel welcome in any organisation.  

Her business is called Colour Me Happy for a reason.  She brings fun and warmth into every sales, customer service and leadership presentation.  Her desire for connecting people to their best self is infectious! 

Whether it's keynote presentations or conference workshops (which she prefers to call Work FunShops) or getting down and dirty at an in house training/workshop, Julie brings her openness and refreshing simplicity to show how to get through some of your biggest life and work challenges.

Keynote Titles

  • Hurry Up and Slow Down | You're so busy, you must be important
  • Why Some People Annoy You ... and you annoy them
  • Wake Up and Dream | Things are not what they seem
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors | Make up your mind, will ya!
  • My Life Sucks | The lollipop diaries
  • I Like Being Comfortable | Hohum...see you round!
  • W.A.R.M. Customer Service Workshop
  • Colour Me Happy
  • Growth Zones
  • Leadership Series


If anyone is looking for a way to invigorate, reignite, kick start or set a team of people managers up to succeed, “The Big O” is this all wrapped into one dynamic, gorgeous parcel.

Success Train

The pure energy she brings to a room is contagious. I have never seen an arms-crossed, eye-rolling, bored participant in Julie’s workshops. Julie has an incredible ability to understand and consider the ultimate outcome for the business and participants, and design workshops that feel tailor made to every person in the room. She is intensely considerate of company culture and will never compromise on standards and values.

Hairhouse Warehouse

As a presenter she captivates the room with her knowledge, confidence and energetic personality. No matter the topic it is not only understood but her ability to create engagement makes for a fun learning environment for all. Julie has a unique skill when it comes to leadership, she can get a room full of leaders buzzing with inspiration to create and learn.

Queen Of Confidence


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