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Kim Seeling Smith Travels from Sydney, NSW

Kim Seeling Smith


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Kim Seeling Smith is the founder and Chief Engagement Officer of a consultancy firm determined to spark a revolution in our employee attraction, engagement and retention strategies - because the old ways simply no longer work.

Employee recruitment and retention is shaping up to be THE issue of the next decade. Not only are demographics stacked against us, with the disparity between the number of Baby Boomers retiring and Gen Y's and beyond entering the workforce.

But we are also in the midst of a critical skills shortage brought about by the fundamental shift from the Industrial Age (characterised by routine, tactical and predictable work) through the Information Age and now into the Social Age (characterised by innovation, strategy and creativity).

Kim helps companies revolutionise their ability to attract, engage and retain staff through her 5 Cs framework.

How companies compete to achieve or maintain market superiority is drastically different than it was 20 years ago. What we need from our staff has significantly changed over this time. Unfortunately, how we hire and manage those staff has not. As a result, we are experiencing shockingly low employee engagement levels (up to 80%) in Australia and shockingly high employee turnover in many companies. And this is potentially costing your company millions of dollars.

It’s time for a revolution! Kim delivers a powerful Strengths Revolution keynote along with half or full day training sessions that will help you and your staff discover your strengths and manage your weaknesses freeing you up to do more of what you love and less of what you loathe – and enabling your employees to be exponentially more productive.

Originally trained as a CPA and Management Consultant with KPMG, Kim subsequently spent 15 years working as a recruiter in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. During that time Kim studied why some companies are great at staff retention while others constantly battle staff turnover. Kim has married these observations with the latest international research to bring you statistics, case studies, personal stories and some very practical tools that you can apply for immediate impact on your team and in your business.

Kim is a frequent contributor to Human Capital Magazine, The BRW and Latte Magazine. She promises a lively, entertaining and thought provoking experience.

Keynote Titles

  • Viva La Revolution
  • Mind Reading for Managers
  • Emotional On Boarding


Kim recently delivered a key note address to our management team. Kim is an engaging speaker with a deep knowledge of her field of expertise. She challenged our management team to think about their career paths and provided a wealth of practical advice on managing our number one resource, our people. We look forward to working with Kim going forward as we develop retention strategies for our company.

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