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Dwayne Martens Travels from Byron Bay, NSW

Dwayne Martens


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When Dwayne started Amazonia in 2008, he was a university drop out selling organic acai smoothies from a single market stall.  He now heads a multi-million dollar, multi-national  enterprise that is quickly becoming one of Australia’s largest food and supplement suppliers.  

Dwayne’s team have preserved over 4000 acres of Acai trees and  converted over 2000 acres of coconut trees to organic standards in Thailand, to name but a few. This is a direct reflection of Dwayne’s desire to create positive change through business. 

Amazonia Group is one of the largest health food groups with brands servicing thousands of retail and food service locations globally. With numerous brands "Whole", "Raw", "Amazonia" and "Whole Live Nutrients" Amazonia Group provide a strong standing array of products in supplements, frozen, food, convenience and superfood. 

Out of over 5000 applicants Amazonia won Telstra Business of the Year which is a testament to the great management, strategy and market position of this innovative enterprise. 

With a vision to one day open up a hospital system that focuses on "lifestyle disease" (which currently is not been addressed in our current medical system due to rising statistics) Amazonia already are well on its way to changing the way we view what food is and how we address the ever increasing problem of Lifestyle disease in our society. 


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