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Jordan Duffy Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Jordan Duffy


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Jordan Duffy is a young corporate, motivational and technology speaker.

He was a finalist for the Brisbane Lord Mayor Young Businessperson of the Year 2016 and ACS National Young ICT Professional of the Year 2016 Awards. He has been appointed to the Deloitte Queensland Future Strategy Committee with C-Suite executives of Queensland's biggest companies who have come together to design the strategy for the next 10 years for the State (which will go to all governments and enterprises statewide).  Jordan has also been appointed on the Board of Regional Development Australia and is a Board Member on the Redland Bay Council Economic Development Board.   

Jordan has been an entrepreneur since his school days, running a nationwide business from high school at age 14. Now, Jordan is a recognised leader in innovation and a tried-and-tested entrepreneur. Jordan’s consultancy firm, where he is Director of Innovation and IT Strategy, provides strategic and innovative consulting and custom software services to enterprise and government around the world. Over four years it has grown from a two-man band to a staff of 20 across five countries.

At 15, Jordan’s entrepreneurial path was challenged by lymphoma and later with continuing chronic pain. Though Jordan’s time unwell and in and out of hospital, his fear of failure was washed away and set the mental framework for his growing career. Jordan continues with consistent health check-ups, and deals with chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis whilst leading his organisations through an ever-changing landscape and ensuring client delivery is to the highest quality.

Through 2014 Jordan was highly engaged in the political and economic area as part of the G20 YEA, G20 Research Group and was a speaker at the G20 Global Café in Brisbane’s City Hall. Jordan also consults to organisations abroad to provide holistic evaluations of the technological landscape including the policy and economics behind the ever-growing digital age.

His firm now consults to high level enterprise, ASX listed firms and advanced startups to assist them in their pathway to innovation. It is a government accredited (GITC) development firm and is trusted by clients worldwide to provide truly cutting edge solutions that go beyond what is seen as ‘possible’. Through this firm, Jordan serves the following industries:

Biomedical technology



Professional and consumer services



A percentage of Jordan’s time also goes towards assisting young entrepreneurs and startups on their own journey and provides mentorship at Little Tokyo and Rumpus Oz in Brisbane to name a few. Jordan has also been a national judge on innovative startups at the AIIA and ACS run iAwards.

He chairs a number of innovation key boards/committees alongside the heaviest hitting innovation figures in Australia including Roger Lawrence, Chief Innovation Officer for HP. 

He's lectured on innovation topics with excellent reviews on entertainment/content and repeat bookings at:

- Griffith University
- Queensland University of Technology
- University of Queensland
- Major clients serviced in this area: Wilson Security, NBNco, Federal Government, Telstra, Open Universities etc

Jordan’s story is one of hardship, innovation and a dream to do what no others dared. Jordan’s quirky life will give you an insight to another world where the word ‘impossible’ doesn’t exist, laughter flows freely and ‘finished’ means it’s time for another challenge.

Keynote Titles

  • Delivering Innovation


Jordan’s intimate knowledge of the innovation process combined with his startup, enterprise and government experience delivers engaging, entertaining and informative sessions. Students and staff love the honest approach and how Jordan makes complex topics accessible and inspiring.


I had previously heard great things about Jordan with his involvement in and around the innovation space. Accordingly, as Chair of the Queensland Committee for the Australian Marketing Institute, I invited Jordan to speak in an industry panel at our National Marketing Summit which was themed around Innovation. Jordan along with our other panelists contributed to an absolute standout session from the day; specifically Jordan was engaging, highly knowledgeable and showed his depth of experience around emerging technology and the digital future, in how it relates to the innovation process. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jordan to be involved in any industry body seeking to have a thought leader of very high standing to impress their audience. I commend him to your group and I am sure he will prove worthy of my trust.

Queensland Chair - Australian Marketing Institute



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