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Mark Van Rijmenam Travels from Sydney, NSW

Mark Van Rijmenam


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Dr. Mark van Rijmenam is The Digital Speaker.

He is a future tech strategist who thinks about how technology changes organisations and society. He is the digital anchor of The Tech Journal, where his digital twin covers the digital world from inside the digital world.  Dr. Van Rijmenam is the author of three best-selling management books on big data, blockchain, and AI. His latest book, The Organisation of Tomorrow, details how AI, blockchain and analytics turn your business into a data organisation.

Mark van Rijmenam is the founder of a leading content platform on emerging technologies. He recently founded a tokenised ecosystem of tools to fight misinformation, bad bots, and online trolls through crowdsourced trust. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Technology in Sydney, where he did research on how big data, blockchain, and AI are changing organisations.

Mark van Rijmenam is the publisher of the ‘f(x) = ex‘ newsletter, read by thousands of executives, on the future of work and the organization of tomorrow.

The Digital Speaker has spoken in 20 countries across the globe and collectively inspired over 100,000 managers, directors, and C-level executives.

Keynote Titles

  • Leadership in a Synthetic World: How to Thrive in the Age of AI
  • How to Innovate in today’s world
  • AI is like Lego; preparing your business to become a bionic organisation
  • Artificial Intelligence: Good or Bad?
  • How the Future of Work and the Metaverse Will Transform the Employee Experience
  • How the Metaverse Will Change Business Forever


I invited Mark van Rijmenam to join one of our International Congress as the main speaker for BigData2015 World Insights. As a person, he is great to treat, responsible and compromised human. As a leader, he shared his knowledge with all attendees and the organizers. After the event, the attendees' satisfaction survey showed Mark had one of the best keynotes and the majority of them wanted him back for our next conference. This shows the professional and important knowledge he can share. His pitch involved people and he invited them to connect with the topic.

Big Data World Insights - Colombia

Thanks to Mark van Rijmeman, Africa’s retailers now have invaluable in-depth insight into the need for Big Data and the multiple ways retailers can make use of the trend. Our delegates loved him and so did his fellow speakers. As the Conference Manager for Retail World Africa 2015, I would recommend Mark to any other event organiser or industry who is looking for insights into Big Data and the many ways Big Data can bring big rewards to you.

Conference Manager -Retail World Africa 2015

Mark van Rijmenam delivered an excellent keynote presentation at Big Data Week London 2016. I knew it was going to be a great talk, since his reputation preceded him, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that his expertise goes beyond the big data field. Mark has a way of framing topics through an extensive web of inter-disciplinary insight and know-how that pushes the conversation forward for all of us. If you are in search of a speaker that can bring both inspiration and actionable advice to your event, Mark is your guy.

Programme Director - Big Data Week


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