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Arishma Singh Travels from Sydney, NSW

Arishma Singh


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For too long we have lived in a society without challenging old paradigms. Arishma Singh is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Edupreneur who believes that the next new wave of thinking requires a fusion of Eastern ancient wisdom and Modern Western Science. She is the Founder of Thrive With EFT, a company that helps high performers achieve sustainable success without compromising their wellbeing.

MINDBODY connection is Arishma’s jam and her secret sauce to being a high performing corporate woman. Instead of looking outwards, she encourages her clients to look within in order to overcome self-limiting beliefs, negative patterns and overwhelming emotions. As a result, they are able to live a life where they thrive, not just strive.

With over 20 years of corporate experience with multinational corporations and start-ups such as American Express, Nielsen Media, Google Australia, Pivot Software and Experian, Arishma has been known as a top performer, a ‘pocket rocket’ and a woman to watch. Her first upcoming book “The Respected Salesperson” is a must-read for anybody who wants to redefine what it means to be successful in sales.

Arishma is a globally certified and accredited EFT practitioner, facilitating change for her clients by working with their mind, psyche and identity. She is passionate about bringing true personal growth to the corporate world, using the effective mind-body techniques developed as part of her copyright THRIVE model.

Hailing from the beautiful islands of Fiji, Arishma came to Australia at the tender age of 19 with some big dreams and $400 in her pocket. She thinks in Hindi, loves to dance salsa and carries chillies with her everywhere she goes.

Arishma’s dynamic and lively keynote presentations bring a unique blend of insights to enlighten audiences on the topics of work and wellbeing.  She released her book "The Respected Salesperson" in 2022. 

Keynote Titles

  • Mind Your Mind
  • The Respected Salesperson
  • Realise the Wonder Woman Within


You can see her passion and vulnerability shine from her chest which is really really beautiful. You have a really strong powerful presence about you. When you shine girl, you are mesmerising!

Speakers Institute

I like the way Arishma framed it. I found her professional. She shared her personal story, so that made it easy to relate to. I could feel that she was also working with the intuition of what was the best that could be drawn out... its really applicable. Time to change the world

Cultured Artisans

It was my first time hearing about EFT. I was really impressed with the research. Arishma is very interesting, engaging, clear, articulate, informative, personable and very honest in the way she told her story. I can definitely see ways I can use it for myself and my family. I looked around the room and everyone was listening.


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