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Darryl Lovegrove Travels from Sydney, NSW

Darryl Lovegrove


  • Business Success
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Creativity / Innovation
  • High Energy
  • Inspirational
  • Master Of Ceremonies
  • Motivational
  • Music
  • Resilience
  • Success

The name Darryl Lovegrove is synonymous with entrepreneurialism, quality and innovation. His Passion, Perseverance ...and Puccini keynote is a global business success story ...of 'operatic proportions' - an electrifying delivery of a compelling story punctuated by live operatic performances. It is like nothing you have experienced before.

Darryl was an award winning star of music theatre, including Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables and Chess. He went on to co-create the world-renowned corporate entertainment sensation 'The Three Waiters'. Darryl (and former business partner) started with a simple entertainment concept that went on to revolutionise corporate entertainment!  Darryl explains how breaking boundaries, striving for innovation and never taking 'no' for an answer led to the creation as a successful global enterprise.

Cutting through corporate jargon Darryl provides an injection of real inspiration and key take home messages. He provides an honest look at the challenges involved with a start-up operation and the obstacles faced as an Australian establishing companies overseas.

He credits his success to simple principals such as leadership, passion, being pro-active, striving for innovation, quality control and learning to maintain focus and vision. He discusses the importance of leadership, focus and resilience, encouraging business owners and their staff to 'think like an entrepreneur'.

Audience reaction ranges from 'nothing short of extraordinary' to 'he made us feel we can achieve anything!' As entertaining as it is informative, in a manner unique to the professional speaking circuit, Darryl punctuates his story with the live performance of operatic arias making him the perfect opener or closer for a conference or event, leaving your audience energised, uplifted and inspired.

No other professional speaker can deliver a global business success story and incorporate live operatic performances. Concluding his keynote with a live performance of the world's most famous aria Nessun Dorma, Darryl brings the house down, and the audience to its feet, every time.

The Three Waiters and other acts

Thrilling audiences of millions in over 70 countries, the Three Waiters act earned a standing ovation from the world's greatest opera singers themselves - 'The Three Tenors' and was the recipient of several prestigious international industry awards.

Following his initial success, offices were established in Sydney, LA, New York, London and Bogota, Colombia. After 11 years, Darryl sold his financial interest in the Act and established his own company which is well known for creating innovative corporate entertainment acts of the highest calibre for the corporate market (including The Leading Men and Jersey to Motown and Swingin La Vida Loca).

Master of Ceremonies

Having a truly talented singer who can perform in almost any musical style and also skilfully MC an event is a sure-fire way to keep your guests well entertained, be that to a crowd of 100 or 1,000!

As an MC, Darryl enters singing The Toreador song from the opera Carmen. A dynamic, uplifting and surprising way to start the evening, this immediately signals to guests that they are in for something different! He then assumes official MC duties and, at an appropriate point in the event, Darryl can incorporate a solo show ranging from 1-2 songs through to a full 25 minute feature act. Drawing on his vast repertoire from opera and musical theatre and sung with his trademark powerful voice, he delivers a truly stand-out event.

Keynote Titles

  • Overcoming challenge in tough times
  • An entrepreneur in action
  • Passion, Perseverance ... and Puccini


Outstanding presentation, totally relevant to the theme of our conference...showed us if we apply focus and passion to the vision, we can achieve anything.

Maurice Trapp Group New Zealand

An entertainer with a real message for business success... absolutely brilliant!

Australian Settlements Ltd

A fantastic presentation supporting the objective of the event and incorporating incredible opera that was uplifting and inspiring. The team gave him a standing ovation.


Darryl's story is an inspiration to audiences of all kinds. His message can be tailored to suit all themes, as his is a real story of never giving up or taking no for an answer. Darryl delivered a keynote address to an auditorium of accountants and actuaries (a tough gig by any measure) and walked out to a standing ovation and scores of "excellent" from over 85% of attendees in the post conference feedbacks. This is how good he is. More importantly however is that Darryl takes the time to listen to what you as a conference organiser want from him - making it certain you get the value you want!




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