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Dare Jennings Travels from Sydney, NSW

Dare Jennings


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Even if you’ve never heard of Dare Jennings, it’s unthinkable that any Australian could fail to recognise the cultural legacy of Mambo, the iconic street-and-surfwear company he co-founded in 1984.

Dare’s business savvy comes from a wild and intuitive place. A truly maverick entrepreneur, Jennings doesn’t know (or care!) if his ideas or business methodologies are right or wrong by conventional standards. He simply knows what he does and has the strength of character to back his own plays.

Now in his 60’s (and still backing himself), Dare is once again the head of an international counter-culture brand, Deus Ex Machina.

Starting as an almost whimsically retro motorbike shop in Sydney’s inner west, Deus has now spread throughout four continents with stores in Australia, the U.S., Indonesia and Italy.

Aside from the incredible fact of an Australian selling Italian style motorbikes to Italians, Dare has once again leveraged the cultural history of surfing, combined with the ideals of the road warrior to create an enduring and engaging lifestyle clothing brand that speaks to the heart of our desire for freedom.

As a speaker, Dare is probably not the man you’re looking for… if you want to maintain the status quo.

If instead you want to redefine your industry, setting the trends for your peers to follow, then you can’t afford not to listen to what Dare Jennings has to say.

Dare’s experience speaks for itself - for thirty years he’s created his own trends. He’s also successfully exported two uniquely Australian brands to the world without resorting to the typical trite cliches of kangaroos and koalas.

He’s direct; Dare won’t hold back and will challenge the cultural norms of your business.

What you will get however is a lesson in following your intuition, in backing yourself. In making the bold plays that build truly great brands. In recognising the importance of culture, inspiration and innovation and in learning to nurture those traits within yourself, your business and its employees.


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