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Mark Berridge Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Mark Berridge


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Mark constructively challenges pre-existing mindsets of his audience to inspire positive outcomes. Mark delivers stimulating perspectives from both his personal and professional experiences, from successfully negotiating multiple hundred-million dollar deals in his corporate career, to how he deals with uncertainty and adversity in his ongoing battle to overcome a devastating spinal cord injury.

Mark has a passion for motivating people to deliver better outcomes in business and enrich meaning in life.

Mark has succeeded in the face of adversity, with a high-powered international corporate career disrupted by a severe spinal cord injury, triggering a personal battle to overcome the ongoing muscular and sensory impacts of his accident.

As a speaker, Mark encourages his audience to unfold their own myth, to enjoy the simple pleasure of its successes, while reminding them that confronting challenges in life is what truly drives personal growth, meaningful connections and builds resilience.

Mark also shares practical insights from his achievements in negotiation and high-value account management in complex and dynamic markets.

Mark’s personal journey is both unique and universal in application. He brings genuine personal empathy and a strong affinity for building productive relationships in work and in life.


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