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Luke Fatooros Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Luke Fatooros


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“I am a serial entrepreneur who started my first business at age 23 with $800 in my father’s shed. I turned that into a $12 million business in 5 years, then lost the lot.”

Business has always been Luke Fatooros’ passion since he was a little kid. Luke would deliver newspapers, sell avocado pears outside supermarkets, breed tropical fish with his grandfather and sell them to pet shops and repair surfboards. He would then invest that money in the stock market and try to get his money working for him.

While studying as an engineer at university, Luke worked as a barman for a catering company. He earned passive, recurring income by hiring out his “own crew of reliable friends” per hour to the owner to solve his problem of unreliable staff always letting him down.

Luke has always had a natural ability to help business owners find money-making opportunities they could not see. He loves creating systems, processes and workflow to improve business efficiencies by doing easier and smarter things.

The first fourteen months of his first business was living hell. No matter how hard they worked, nothing improved. They were not making money and were exhausted.

Then Luke set up his first-ever joint venture. By leveraging the infrastructure, expertise, and resource of others and applying some street smart marketing skills, this little business exploded over the next five years into a $12 million company.

Then he lost the lot and learned the single most important lesson in business: How you create value and real wealth from your business. In other words, the difference between being self-employed and being a business owner.

Luke was working hard each day, like most business owners. But he was not working smart. He was working for sales and profits today, not creating wealth for the future. He was not building a valuable asset.

Luke’s business was totally dependent on him running it. As he tried to “fix” his knowledge gaps alone, the business consumed him, and eventually, he burnt out and collapsed under the pressure and lost everything he had worked so hard for.

It took Luke seven years to regain his confidence and give business another go. This time, however, he did things smarter.

-He created a revolutionary virtual business training system that was adapted to the veterinary industry (90 vets clinics) and sold to a public listed company on the ASX company after 14 months
-He scratch-built an international distribution company that was valued at $3.5 million in under 3 years
-He is a 2 * No.1 Amazon Best Selling Business Author
-For the past 14 years, Luke has been a successful business advisor to hundreds of happy business owners
-He has successfully built businesses across 3 countries in multiple industries for the past 25 years

Luke understands the pain, frustrations and the journey of everyday business owners as he has experienced the journey, first-hand many times.

He, therefore, provides street smart, proven, practical business strategies that he learned the hard way over 25 years. There is no hype or misleading theories that sound good but never work. Luke’s lessons are real, and they get real results fast!

Keynote Titles

  • Discover What Your Business is Really Worth?
  • How to Prepare an Exit Strategy for Your Business
  • How to Maximise Your Business Valuation
  • How to Build a Smart Business Engine
  • How to Stop Trading Time for Money
  • Joint Venture Secrets


Luke has been an integral part of our Workshop and Mentor programs for Brisbane Businesses. Supporting the local economy by providing his time, expertise and passion to supporting the business community. He always brings energy and enthusiasm where ever he goes and we only receive the most positive feedback with every Hub engagement Luke has.

Brisbane Business Hub

Luke was a keynote speaker at several of my events. He is just a speaker you love to listen to. His speaking style is natural, engaging and entertaining. His presentations are packed with unique ideas and real-life examples that will leave your audience inspired.

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