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Andrew May Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Andrew May is Australia’s leading speaker and presenter on all matters performance. His keynotes and workshops address the personal performance challenges we all face, on being more productive, coping with stress, achieving work/life balance, looking after your health and maintaining sustainable high performance. He has a down to earth, direct approach with cutting-edge science grounded in the real world. He is a rare mix of expert, jock and geek.

Andrew has spent the past 20-years as an athlete, elite sports coach, business owner and student to accumulate an understanding of how the four elements of high performance - the way we think, the way we work, the way we balance stress and the way we eat and move - work together and directly impact our capacity to be high performer.


Andrew May as your Master of Ceremonies

Andrew is an experienced MC, qualified to facilitate and keep your event engaging, balanced, on schedule and under control.

With experience interviewing sporting stars, celebrities, senior managers and CEO’s, Andrew is relaxed and charismatic in front of a crowd. He comes well prepared and responds to audience positively, while being quick on his feet and setting the appropriate tone and atmosphere for the event.


Psychology is about the way you think. High Performers know exactly who they are, what is important in their lives and why it is important. They have learnt how to be optimistic even in the face of adversity. They have high levels of confidence, concentration and resilience and have learnt to train their thinking skills for optimum results.

Productivity is about the way you work. High Performers focus on the most important tasks and have strategies in place to minimise distractions and achieve more in less time. High Performers focus on what is really important at work and use the time they save to build the life they want outside of work.

Recovery is about the way you relax and recharge. High Performers understand they need to find a balance between the amount of time they spend in stress (sympathetic response) and the amount of time they spend in recovery (parasympathetic response). They have strategies to help them utilise and recover energy throughout the day, month and year. Taking time out to recharge supports you in sustaining peak levels of performance for longer periods without burning out.

Physiology is about the way you eat and move. High Performers understand that regular physical activity and planned nutrition boosts energy levels and capacity for output, improves confidence levels and concentration. Fit and healthy people have lower levels of stress, anxiety and depression and a competitive advantage in the work place.

Keynote Titles

  • Personal Best: Using science to improve your personal performance
  • How the Best Get Better: Learn the strategies that the best of the best follow to sustain high performance all year round
  • The 8 Day Week: A practical approach to productivity that will save individuals a day a week
  • Don’t Act Your Age: Learn how the way you eat and move helps you stay young, healthy and vibrant
  • Kicking off Both Feet: Using positive psychology to improve your mental agility


Andrew May has now presented to Ernst & Young employees throughout Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth. His high energy, enthusiasm, subject knowledge and capacity to relate to large numbers of people both professional and non-professional is the reason we continually contract Andrew again and again. He has an engaging style and sense of humour which allows him to draw in and interest his audience.

Ernst & Young

Andrew May has made a major difference to the performance of a number of teams and key individuals at CB Richard Ellis in Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our business has grown dramatically in the last five years and Andrew has helped our senior leadership team gain clarity and direction about where we need to spend energy and how we can get there without burning out. We consider him a vital part of our competitive advantage in the marketplace.

CBRE | CB Richard Ellis

Before completing coaching with Andrew May it was fair to say I was typical of many executives in banking and finance, filling my diary with back to back meetings and working ridiculous hours, 7 days a week. I was addicted to email and blackberry. As a result of Andrew's coaching program I have been genuinely shocked by how much more productive I am. Definitely the biggest change though has been working smarter and getting through a lot more work in an average day. As a result I have time for a more fulfilling personal life. After seeing my own results I immediately contracted Andrew and his company to roll out an intensive behaviour and cultural change program across Bankwest. We have equated that the productivity improvements are saving the bank literally hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.



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