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Trish Jenkins Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD


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Prison was not on the “goal chart” of entrepreneur Trish Jenkins. Conned by a fraud and a breach of the Corporations Act meant losing her multi-million dollar portfolio, including her family home. It also meant this Trish served 8 months in prison.

Living with murderers, drug dealers, frauds and broken humanity, this Australian mother lived among Queensland’s most dangerous criminals. Isolated from her husband and three little girls, Trish could have been destroyed by the frightening environment and the crippling shame that whispered she had destroyed her future.

Instead Trish found the real prison bars that hold us back are the ones we allow in our head. Dealing with tough situations and tough people are all a matter of perspective. Whether your limitations are self-imposed or a razor wire fence, you can stretch your boundaries beyond what you currently imagine. With a mix of tough love and compassion, sprinkled with humour, Trish will show you how to unlock your limitations, enjoy your team and take hold of the success you were destined for.

Powerful Keys from Trish’s inspiring story tailored to equip your group:
- Turnaround Triumph: Keys that will take you from behind your bars to a legendary success story.
- Life Lessons from the Lock-Up: How to Deal with Difficult People

-  Courage for the Journey: The Resilient Mindset and Keys to Overcoming Adversity
- From Survive to Thrive: How to Change the Past and Free your Future!
- Tough Times. Strong Families: Preserve your marriage and guide your children past your crisis to success.

- Smart Money: Signs of financial and romantic fraud. What could make you a target and what to do about it!
- From Survive to Thrive! How to Change the Past and Free your Future!

Trish will challenge your thinking, lift your spirits and have you walking out in victory over your past and your present, and equipped for your future


Trish encouraged and emphasized the theme of our weekend which was “helping people build better lives”. Her talk was just unbelievably moving in the messages we try to get across... Trish was able to take that story and put it into real life circumstance and real life action activities.

MMI Group Of Companies

Trish gave a keynote and workshop at our yearly Round Table on Turnaround… Trish drew out a number of leadership principles which our members could then take away. The session was great! Highly interactive, filled in with bits of humour which was great. We really appreciate what Trish has done for us.

ILG Leadership Group


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