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Ant Middleton Travels from London, UK

Ant Middleton


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Ant Middleton has become a much-loved master of extreme adventure and a true leader of positive mind set. Spurred by his formidable career in the UK’s elite forces, including the Marines, 9 Parachute Squadron and Special Boat Service. Joining the armed forces at the age of 16, Ant earned the position of a point man/lead scout as well as a primary fires operator and sniper, before eventually earning a place in the Special Forces Selection, achieving the ‘Holy Trinity’ of the UK’s Elite Forces.

Ant is synonymously known for his role as Chief Instructor on SAS: Who Dares Wins, and has now taken his practice across the globe, to help form SAS Australia. With an insatiable appetite for adventure, Ant has fronted many other hit shows from ‘Mutiny’, a show that re-enacted Captain William Bligh’s famous ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’ to survivalist programme Escape, centred on placing skilled engineers in precarious situations, whereby they must use their skills to escape their predicament and get to safety. 2019 saw him conquer one of the biggest feats known to man, Mount Everest, in the show Extreme Everest. Whilst getting trapped in an unexpected, life-threatening storm, he seeks to understand the attraction of such a popular, but dangerous challenge. 

In his Sky One hit series, Straight Talking, Ant has taken stars such as Liam Payne and Rebel Wilson, on thrill seeking road trips to really get under the skin and get to know his guests like no one has ever done before. 

Since 2017, Ant has regularly toured sold out venues in the UK with his live ‘Mind Over Muscle’ show. He will be hitting theatres and arenas in 2023 when he will be taking the Mind Over Muscle show international, as he heads out to Australia and New Zealand. In 2019, Ant ran his ‘Mind Over Muscle Day Camps’ supporting individuals to realise their full potential. 

Ant’s publishing has also reached record heights. His trilogy of non-fiction, including First Man In, The Fear Bubble and Zero Negativity have all been Sunday Times Best Sellers, earning him gold status at the Nielsen Awards.  Ant has written several books including fiction thriller, Cold Justice, along with Zero Negativity, Mental Fitness and The Wall.

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