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Derrick McManus Travels from Adelaide, SA

Derrick McManus


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Derrick McManus's story is one of raw determination and unbreakable willpower where the grit and determination to fight for life were put to the ultimate test.  Doctors said, “All the textbooks say he should be dead, but he obviously hadn’t read the textbooks.”

In a hail of gunfire, Derrick was hit 14 times in less than five seconds. Massive life-threatening injuries should have killed him, but he refused to go down without a fight. He returned fire and so began the longest siege in South Australian history – 41 hours.

Derrick was lying on the ground, fully conscious and bleeding for three hours, it took every ounce of his mental, physical and emotional strength to manage his mindset and body for survival, even as he watched his blood pooling on the ground next to him. 

Derrick's story is an inspiration for anyone who has ever been told that something is impossible. He is a true warrior who never gave up, fought against the odds till the very end and won.

He shows you that the physical, mental and emotional inner strengths he used to survive the shooting are the same strengths we all possess. He’ll also show you how to access them to create your own success against the odds. 

Derrick is an international keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and researcher of the philosophy of ‘Human Durability’. His research includes collaborations with all three South Australian Universities and The Military and Emergency Services Health Australia. He still pushes the boundaries of human performance just for fun. His 2023 effort was riding his mountain bike in the Himalayas higher than Mt Everest base camp. 

Human Durability is Derrick’s passion. It is the ability to not only be resilient and bounce back from adversity but to sustainably perform at optimal levels physically, mentally and emotionally, no matter the challenge. This incorporates sustainable physical performance and mental health. 


Keynote Titles

  • Thriving On The Edge: Human Durability and sustainable optimal performance
  • Unbreakable Mindset: Harnessing Your Inner Strengths for Success
  • 7 Pillars Of Tactical Leadership: Special Operations and Boardroom Success
  • The Warrior Mindset: Defying And Destroying The Odds
  • Mental Health Mastery: Greater Success With Less Stress


I would certainly recommend Derrick to any organization seeking a dramatic account of going against the odds and achieving goals through sheer determination.

Public Sector Workforce Relations

Derrick’s story is truly amazing, almost superhuman. I took a lot from his talk that I look forward to implementing in both my work and personal life. The Human Durability model is a great way to quantify and articulate what we know we should be doing.

Built Environs

The financial Planners were raving about you all afternoon and could relate to how you had to make a choice to ‘sink or swim’ with the major changes you faced in life. The day itself was a great success and one of the main contributing factors to its success was your final talk on the day.

Wholesale Financial Services



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