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Kamal Sarma Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Developing resilient individuals, teams and leaders is crucial. Arguably these elements have the biggest capacity to impact culture, success and results. We often identify there is a challenge around developing leaders and resilience within our people, yet are not sure how to get where we want to go. Kamal Sarma and his company work around the globe specifically helping people to build this resilience and taking leaders to the next level - clearly focused on delivering relevant strategies for self, team, organisations.

Prior to creating his strategic firm Kamal held senior positions in organisations including McKinsey and Company , Eli Lily Pharmaceuticals, AMP Capital Investors and St George Bank. Kamal's foundation and skills not only come from his international business career they stem from the 6 years he spent studying at an Indian monastery. Kamal led the life of a typical "Aussie" kid till the age of 13 when he was sent to India. His experience as a Buddhist monk exposed him worldly concepts and extensive training in meditation and yoga. Needless to say Kamal developed a diverse mix of Eastern & Western influences which are uniquely blended into his approach.

A significant event or realisation often sets us on a certain path, Kamal is no different. He shares his own personal journey and taps into wealth of experience in management consulting, bio technology, venture capital fund management and international peace work. Kamal understands how to help companies navigate a landscape and workforce that is in constant motion. He introduces the concept that influencing the leadership's ability to inspire rather than motivate greatly influences profitability.

His depth of experience and practice has led Kamal to consult, speak and train on national and global platforms. His testimonials demonstrate he has the ability to connect with all types of audiences from small executive teams right through to audiences in a wide range of roles numbering hundreds to thousands.

Kamal's style is engaging, and conversational while taking a direct approach. His techniques are inspirational, extremely relevant and down-to-earth with practical steps. He inspires people to discover their own call to action and shows them how to facilitate change and growth. People often describe the immediate resonance they have with his programs and the on-going impact of their work together. Kamal ensures he collaborates with clients to understand and address their unique environment and areas of focus.

In addition to the corporate content and on-going programs available Kamal is the author of 2 international best sellers: Mental Resilience - the power of clarity & The Leadership Leap -UNlearning how to lead. Kamal has been recognised as an Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation for his peace work and will be pursuing further international peace work.

Keynote Titles

  • Resilience: the Characteristic of Great Leaders and Organisations
  • Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity - How to develop the focus of a warrior and the peace of a monk
  • Inspiration: The chemistry of great leaders
  • Leadership though Values
  • Core Strength Management
  • The Leadership Leap


A stimulating presentation of what makes our minds tick.....Kamal is engaging and thought provoking; anyone who wants to be take on new challenges needs to understand how their minds work. All of our top clients benefited greatly from his keynote speech on leadership.

Asgard Wealth Solutions

Thank you for the presentation you gave to our Annual National Conference. The feedback we received from everyone who attended was that they loved your presentation.

JLF Corporation

Your presentation was fantastic and I am keen to read your book. The guest feedback was excellent. You have fantastic presentation skills and a true ability to communicate a sometimes difficult subject to the everyday person. Bravo!

The Golden Door Elysia Health Retreat



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