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Theo Venter Travels from Perth, WA

Theo Venter


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Theo Venter was a lines man and has worked in the high voltage trade for the last 23 years. After leaving his home country South Africa, Theo; his wife and three children immigrated to Australia where his trade was in high demand. Soon after his arrival in Australia Theo started work as a contractor working on a major electricity network. Theo’s story revolves around the day he thought was going to be ‘Just another day!’

He reflects on his move to Australia, the day he was exposed to 22,000 volts of electricity whilst working on live powerlines and his fight to survive both physically and mentally after the event.

Theo’s story is one of courage, determination and brutal honesty, the message reflected in Theo’s presentation is driven by the need for all workers working in high risk and low risk areas to follow critical work place procedures and PPE requirements whilst carrying out daily work tasks.

The content is relevant to all high and low risk work areas including the electricity trade. The story is hard hitting with a very powerful safety message. During Theo’s 40 minute presentation a slideshow is projected showing Theo’s horrific injuries, his family and his slow road back to recovery.

Theo is one of the very few to have survived exposure to 22,000 volts of electricity and be able to share his story. He is available to present his story of ‘Just Another Day’ to Safety conferences, workforce safety meetings and corporate events on request.

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Theo's presentation is very honest and hard hitting with all who attended. The impact on our field staff was immeasurable and has assisted us to positively take our teams further along the safety journey. I can't thank Theo enough for sharing this very painful experience with us all.

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Thank you for the invitation to hear Theo's inspirational presentation. As a safety professional it is refreshing to see such imitative and the management support that the message receives. As I was walking back to my car, I witnessed the effectiveness that such session can bring to our workforce. As I was crossing the car park I observed a work crew openly engaging in a safety conversation about a confined space entry. This just goes to show that the topic at least resonated with some and hopefully all of those that were given the privilege of listening to Theo's story. Hopefully this will make a difference.

Silke HutchinsonBush, Health & Safety Advisor

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