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Like many young people born into adversity, Geoff’s early life was beset by challenges. If he’d understood his true potential, or had more than a few glimpses of encouragement or recognition his life might have taken a very different turn. But mentors and opportunities were thin on the ground and he simply fell into line with what seemed was his preordained path… leading right into New Zealand’s criminal underworld.

While riding with notorious bikie gang Highway 61, Geoff experienced a (literally) mid-air moment of clarity. Time slowed as he flew from his chopper after colliding with a truck; he got the message. “If I live through this, I’ll get out”.

Which is exactly what he did.

From that moment, Geoff’s life took a series of profound turns. He not only shed his criminal past, but also the attitudes and behaviours that kept him there in the first place.

Learning that fear was never a reason to say “no” to opportunity, Geoff’s life has become richer and more varied than he could have ever imagined. He was a stuntman (notably for TV’s “Xena, Warrior Princess”) and actor, and earned a degree in the performing arts. He’s performed as an operatic soloist throughout Australia and New Zealand and launched a company with shares in his career. His story has inspired and motivated audiences from school kids to captains of industry. 

As a keynote speaker, Geoff shares how he’s turned hard-knock life lessons into a compelling and empowering story that inspires an attitude that nothing is impossible. 

With a core belief that we need to listen and act upon those moments of realisation that form the inflection points in life, Geoff’s life story is one of prevailing through perseverance, passion and practice.

Geoff Knight knows how to truly wow an audience. His onstage energy is infectious, weaving the at-times shocking true story of bootstrapping his way out of a shadowy criminal bikie gang and into the limelight. 

As a keynote speaker he is utterly unique; interspersing anecdotes from his awe-inspiring journey with spellbinding operatic performances that leave the audience breathless.

His authentic delivery and vulnerability on stage drives deeply into the hearts of his audiences.

With clients including Harcourts International, Commonwealth Bank, Goldwell, Fuji Xerox and more, Geoff’s appeal is clear; he provides an outstanding story delivered in an outstanding way that leaves the conference delegates invigorated, uplifted and inspired.


Geoff Knight was the closing keynote speaker at the Future Firm Forum 2016, a conference for discerning leaders from Australia and New Zealand law firms held at Millbrook, Queenstown. Geoff gave an outstanding presentation recounting his life story of challenge and change, topics of great relevance to the audience. His singing at the conclusion of this session and at the conference dinner was the icing on the cake. His 94% rating was the testament to the fact that he well and truly ‘knocked it out of the park’. Recommended to all event and conference organisers looking for an engaging speaker with talent and authenticity.


Geoff’s message is about recognising that it’s the choices we make that play a key part in the outcomes we seek. A powerful real-life story that teaches and inspires us that our past does not have to define who you are, with some guidance and support, hard work, focus and determination we can become whatever we dream to be. Our franchisees were gripped by his presentation and loved his magnificent voice!

Smartline Mortgage Brokers

What an unbelievable experience it was as Geoff Knight took our delegates at the Heritage Bank Retail Conference on a journey through his story of overcoming adversity and turning his life around. I know for a fact that they did not know where the story was heading and was not expecting the story to take the turn at the end that it did. Geoff certainly had the audience captivated as his story unfolded, and the finale was breathtaking!

Heritage Bank



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