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Sally Higoe Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Sally Higoe


  • Communication
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  • Culture Change
  • Female Speaker
  • Motivational
  • Performance
  • Resilience
  • Wellbeing

Sally Higoe helps to build motivated teams and create a culture that develops peak business performance. Her coaching programs will develop self-awareness, resilience, and trust as a leader. You’ll learn how to lead inspired teams that sustain team energy, engagement, and wellbeing long-term.

But it’s also to help a team as a whole. Team coaching can help unlock each individual’s true potential – and build a culture that brings out everyone’s best work. Everyone wants to work in a job they love. This starts with conscious, connected leadership.

Sally’s research-based and personalised programs show how to create a team that is inspired, fun and results driven.

Sally through her research-based coaching programs, fun and interactive trainings and team building sessions, she helps people become authentic inspiring leaders and create a team of self-leaders in a rocking culture that outperforms and stands out. (One where everybody wants to stay and play!)

At 24 she had been working for several different sectors already, often the leader but hardly inspired, rarely given any opportunity to make change, to make a difference, to be heard. When she stood up, she was squashed down- from above and sometimes below.... she was feeling replaceable - like a number. Her world was feeling so small, confidence dwindling, and she wondered... did she really have it in her?

She remembers standing at work one day and it occurred to her.... ‘I get to choose the life that I want to live, to create a role that reflects me.'  One where she can lead with purpose, where she can inspire, motivate and perform without conforming to societal pressures, judgement... and her ego.  So, she went on a mission to seek out opportunities to invest in herself and discover if this was possible.

Her strength became 5-star businesses. She led numerous teams in service-based industries who work in high pressure environments to achieve successful outcomes. Over the years she has discovered what works and doesn’t within team environments and now work with other Leaders and teams to create successful results in their business. She discovered the secret behind helping leaders and their teams connect and align authentically to create a world class culture. She discovered she could do it. and still be her.

As people started seeing the difference in her and the changes she had created within my teams, creating self-leaders all around the world, she knew she had to share this with more people. And that’s how my 'Business Excellence Blueprint' leadership program came about.

​She wish she had something like this back then, when she was stuck in lack of direction. If only she had the system, a way to increase her certainty in her own ability, remove the self-doubt, feel trusted and understood. This is exactly what she can now share with you... a roadmap to conscious, purposeful, responsive leadership.


Why Work with Her?
When she created this change, people saw the difference in her. And she saw the difference in her teams. Through her years of leadership experience, she learnt how to build resilience, create a strong, authentic voice of leadership, and establish trust.  She wants to share this knowledge with you.
Her personalised approach is unique. She created these programs, using proven methods, for self-responsive leaders. Leaders who want more. Leaders who want to create change in you, your team, and the wider business you work within.  And leaders who are serious about increasing profits and improving their businesses bottom line.
Ultimately, a team that is resilient and can excel under pressure with a good dose of fun alongside.

Keynote Titles

  • Leading with clarity and confidence
  • How to effectively build leadership resilience
  • Dealing with change, uncertainty, and new ways of thinking
  • Building Trusted Relationships – beginning with you!
  • How to master decision-making like a boss
  • Communication Essentials
  • How to monitor performance in the workplace


I have known Sally for over two years and when invited to her training, couldn’t jump at it fast enough. Soooo much value, brilliantly constructed content and exceptionally presented. So, if you are looking for training in leadership, team building or straight-out personal development for staff, can’t recommend it highly enough.

Founder & Director At Get More Time

Sally Higoe is a team development expert. Sally has 20 years' experience leading diverse teams all around the world. She has now combined her experience, with her knowledge of human behaviour & communication skills and her creative Chef husband Anthony, to create a fabulous team training package that will both captivate & change you and your team members forever. Sally is a genuinely caring & innovative trainer & coach. I wholeheartedly recommend Sally to you as someone who will motivate & inspire you & your teams.

Professional Speaker, Author, Professional Leadership Coach

I have worked with Sally for a few months now. I’m in the early stages of building and scaling a service business and Sally has been an absolute rock for me. Sally's approach to coaching has really helped me to focus on what’s important to my goals and kept a level head in times of what appeared to me to be a crisis. I’ve learnt to not sweat the small stuff and concentrate of clarity of thinking and taking action to achieve business and personal objectives. The coaching is way more than just business coaching by digging into the impact of external factors and how this changes behaviours.

Daniel Tomlinson

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