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Richard Bowles Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Richard Bowles


  • Achievements
  • Adventure Sport
  • Goal Setting
  • Motivational
  • Performance
  • Resilience

Richard Bowles' experience is incredible. Surviving volcano eruptions, crocodile-infested rivers, life-threatening foot infections, desert warfare, and shotgun-wielding lunatics, while running upwards of 5,500km plus through the wilderness, he has engineered these accomplishments into real business success.

Unlocking strategies to help audiences adjust to rapid-change, confront uncertainty, and adapt to complexity while under pressure. Your team will be empowered and inspired by what CNN called "a Walter Mitty experience." while providing practical, innovative business strategies from two decades in sales leadership and pioneering a global sponsorship consultancy, Richard Bowles will leave you and your team delivering new levels of peak performance!

His mixture of adventure, business and science-backed strategies has seen him voted as one of the top Australasian motivational speakers by Keynote Magazine. He is a regular contributor for Outdoor Magazine (formally Australian Geographic) his work is featured on CNN, ABC, Sky News, The Today and Sunrise shows, Men's Fitness and other international media outlets

Think Forrest Gump, Bear Grylls colliding with forward-thinking business acumen. Attendees are captivated by Richard's keynotes; Leaders, sales and service teams from Woolworths, NAB, Peters Ice-cream, Flight Centre, MLC and more have been left ecstatic. 

Richard Bowles is the keynote speaker you’ve been looking for; His story is an inspiring and entertaining experience demonstrating the kind of bold business acumen that will leave audiences talking far after the event 

There are literally thousands of speakers, and then there is just one with a real life adventure story.

Ever dreamed of suffering, pain through your entire body, so mentally confused that even your thoughts hurt? That's not a dream, that's a nightmare right?

Richard Bowles is one of a kind, he follows a dream that takes him through all this while staying focused, determined and committed on his end result. Welcome to his world of adventure and running. Coined by the media as a hybrid of Forrest Gump and Bear Grylls, jokes aside Richard is the man that knows how to get more out of himself both psychically and mentally.

Passion, focus and a burning desire to achieve the goals set before him Richard Bowles, achieves more... from a man that knows what it takes to not only find who you are, but more importantly creating who you are. A man that turns the ordinary in to the extraordinary.

It’s no wonder the media loves him, his stories and achievements are unfavourable, even more so as his passion isn't running?!

Keynote Titles

  • Sustained Commitment
  • A.C.H.I.E.V.E.R multi-tool
  • Adjust, Adapt, Achieve a set of tools for achievement in the modern world


Richard engaged a team of Woolworths Area Managers who proved to be a tough crowd of non-athletic types, but still made his story relevant to their working lives, I thought he was fantastic!


Richard really brought the energy and passion to the fore in our participants and everyone was buzzing and people stuck around long after the session had ended, Inspired!

Cancer Council

Thank you Richard once again for sharing your incredible story with us at the NASSCOM BPM Strategy Summit 2017. It was a real joy and we heard great feedback about the ways in which you inspired our delegates on how to navigate through the challenges, giving them the tools and strategies to follow through - to execute plans, and ultimately gain results! We were so thrilled to have you!



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