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Emma Gee Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Emma Gee


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Emma Gee is one of Australia’s acclaimed inspirational speakers, offering her thoughts and solutions on person-centred care and resilience through her keynote presentations, workshops and consultancy.

With a background in Occupational Therapy and as a stroke survivor, Emma is a renowned expert and a living example of what it takes to step in another’s shoes and truly bounce back in life. Through her inspiring presentations, Emma is able to both captivate and challenge her audiences to consider what IS possible in their own lives.

Learning to speak again post­stroke, and realising the importance of sharing her story to help others, were the catalysts for Emma taking on speaking professionally.

Today, and thousands of presentations later, Emma has an incredibly broad client group from healthcare (associations, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities); businesses & corporate events; community organisations; through to educational facilities.

Emma has just published her first book, titled Reinventing Emma.

Emma is passionate about enhancing person-focused service delivery and resilience in the lives of all she works with and promises to leave her audiences inspired to bounce back and step up. Emma Gee’s signature phrase of “it’s not what happens to you that matters, it’s how you choose to deal with it!” will see her audiences moving past life’s hurdles to what’s possible.

5 Reasons to Book Emma

1. Gain Understanding…
Are you confident that your staff are really putting themselves in another’s shoes?

As an Occupational Therapist and recipient of ongoing care, Emma attempts to inspire other service providers to consider key things when caring for their clients and support teams. She reiterates that by adopting a united, collaborative approach we can all improve our relationships and rapport with anyone that we work with. The importance of meaningful occupation, collaborative goal setting, and communication means are also explored. We can promise that listening to Emma will enrich your staff with a heightened sense of understanding and, consequently, an increased level of person-centred focus and care.

2. Be Empowering…
How do you empower those around you?

Every organisation, small or big, needs a level of confidence, motivation and resilience to go about their everyday life. By empowering both employees and employers, Emma believes you will reap in the rewards. Encourage your teams to step up, take responsibility, have integrity in their decision-making, and watch those around them be inspired into action themselves. Let Emma share her story and instil the trust, motivation and credit that they deserve, and watch both their business and personal life flourish.

3. Start Choosing…
How would you cope if you had a stroke at the young age of 24?

Would you curl up and wish life didn’t exist or would you choose to bounce back?!

There are always ‘buts’ and ongoing barriers in our everyday lives, Emma will help you start choosing to overcome these. In this fast-paced world we live in we often feel that what life throws at us is out of our hands; we become resentful, tired and out of control. What would it be to choose to overcome all that happens to you? Emma’s presentations will give you a sense of perspective, introduce you to the power of choosing, and encourage you to start owning all life presents so you can truly bounce back.

4. Try Challenging…
Do you set goals and step up to meet them?

Emma Gee’s authenticity, humour and positive outlook on life, along with her goal-setting and ability to overcome challenges presented to her, are a refreshing reminder to all audiences that anything IS possible. Likewise, her genuine, entertaining and uplifting keynote presentations, workshops, and client-tailored presentations challenge and inspire community groups, managers, student groups, and working professionals to achieve ultimate performances in their business and personal life. Book Emma to step up to the challenges you never dreamed possible.

5. Be Inspiring…
Do you need to be inspired to life a life you love?!

If Emma can do all that she does, why can’t you too? Whether you’re struggling to return to work, go for that run or meet that work deadline, Emma will demonstrate that by having a positive outlook and choosing your spot anything IS possible. Many people get so weighed down by their own limitations that the opportunities and possibilities are smothered. Emma will inspire you into action, causing a ripple effect amongst your own networks.

Keynote Titles

  • Resilience Themed Topics
  • Person-centred Care
  • Team Development
  • Communication
  • School Community Presentation Topics
  • Student Topics
  • Education Topics


Emma’s honest, raw and often humorous depiction of her journey was both engaging and compelling, and challenged us all to re evaluate our attitudes and practices as allied health practitioners. She reminded us to see the patient as a real person, to empathise with their loss of roles and lifestyle, whilst simultaneously giving hope to patient and working with them to regain their valued roles in some form.She also reminded us of the importance of partnering with patients in achieving their goals, and the need to have empathy and foster relationship between patient and therapist. I would recommend this presentation to all health professionals as it certainly challenged and inspired me to strive towards making client centred practice the most important aspect of my practice, as sadly this is often overlooked and forgotten.

Royal Perth Hospital

Emma, your presentation was incredibly powerful and the girls were very moved by your strength, resilience and your wonderful sense of humour.


Emma had us (me) laughing one moment and trying to hold back the tears the next…She is inspiring on so many levels.

St Vincent's Hospital


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