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Daryl Elliott Green Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Daryl Elliott Green


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TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, an incredible story of bravery, courage, and resilience.

In the early hours of 1 May 2000, Constable Daryl Elliott Green was on a routine job when he was ambushed and TWICE SHOT in the face and shoulder. In the heat of the moment, despite his critical injuries, Daryl instinctively grabbed his firearm and began searching for the gunman. For his actions that night, he received the highest police award for bravery and a citation from the Governor General. He was also featured on an episode of Australian Story.

Daryl’s real story however – one so harrowing it will keep your audience on the edge of their seats – was only just beginning. What happened to Daryl and how he clawed his way back from the depths of despair is truly inspiring.

Daryl’s journey will captivate you

With an intuitive gift for public speaking, Daryl delivers powerful life lessons with energy, humour and optimism. He is a compelling and authentic speaker, and his down-to-earth style connects with people from all walks of life. He epitomises the capabilities of the human spirit that reside in us all: bravery, courage, resilience.

TWICE SHOT talks can be customised to suit your audience. They also include actual audio of the shooting, 3D computer modelling, 2D schematics of the incident, crime scene photos, and the offender’s profile.

Watch Daryl as he re-enacts the night he was shot and be transfixed as recounts his journey of recovery, his multiple surgeries, his psychological battles, his return to policing, and amazingly how he overcame his fear of guns by becoming a firearms instructor and much more. Hear how he turned his life around.

People have said TWICE SHOT talks are …'incredible', 'dynamic', 'courageous', 'moving', 'powerful', ‘extraordinary’.

In 2018, Daryl was honoured as a Lifeline Ambassador. He’s also received accolades from Professional Speakers Australia for his powerful keynote speaking.

Daryl’s inspiring story of sheer grit, drive and resilience is one your audience will not forget.

Key points about Daryl:

  • Daryl Elliott Green was TWICE SHOT in the line of duty and underwent more than a dozen facial reconstructive surgeries and suffered severe depression and chronic PTSD
  • He was awarded Queensland Police Service’s 'Valour Award' (their highest accolade for bravery) in 2001
  • He featured in the Australian Story episode ‘May Day’, in 2002
  • He won the Professional Speakers Australia scholarship in 2015 for best emerging talent, and their ‘Breakthrough Speaker of the Year’ award in 2019
  • He received a 'Group Bravery Citation' from Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove in 2016
  • He was named a Lifeline Ambassador in 2018

Keynote Titles

  • Resilience - Survive, rise and thrive in difficult situations
  • Courageous Conversations – Say the right thing and follow up
  • Leadership – Lead others through a firestorm
  • Brave Decisions – Evaluate tough choices and make decisions you and others can live with


I felt I was right there by Daryl’s side through the whole journey – from the shooting, to his hospital bed and through his recovery. His presentation grips the audience as we listen to the live police tapes and see the x-rays of his injuries. It is a unique experience.

Lifeline Australia

Our leadership team’s workshop with Daryl was very powerful and delivered a number of key messages that have truly resonated with all that were there. Daryl’s personal insights into what has been an incredibly challenging period of his life has opened a range of conversations and created an opportunity for people to reflect on the importance of people and teams. I recommend Daryl’s workshop unreservedly – a true investment of time which exceeded my expectations.

Sinclair Knight Merz


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