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Darren Isenberg, co-founder of a Sydney based corporate training firm, may not be a household name but he is one of the corporate world’s most in-demand MCs, trainers and facilitators.

Since 1995 he has provided his services at over one thousand events ... yes, hundreds of clients in an incredibly wide range of industries in more than five countries (it’s six, actually) have used him and been amused by him. His lack of celebrity means he has relied simply on his skill, his humour and his talent ... rather than any name and fame ... to become regarded as the MC to turn to when you want warmth, wit and personality to be a feature of your conference.

Darren is the MC of a conference, whether it is a corporate, association or government event, he brings something to the room that is often lacking at educational forums – PERSONALITY. His early career as a High School Economics teacher taught him that PEOPLE LEARN BETTER WHEN THEY ARE ENJOYING THEMSELVES so he injects himself into a conference program in order to provide some humour, some creative insight into the topics and some energy.

His understanding of business (courtesy of his Commerce degree, majoring in Marketing) means that he is often able to contribute to a conference program well beyond the role of simply an MC. He relishes being able to interview CEOs and other special guests (rather than having them give a traditional presentation) and being involved as a moderator in panel discussions and open forums, or a facilitator in brainstorms and workshops.

He ensures that a corporate audience is NOT a passive, static collection of tired people. His entertaining speaker introductions and wrap-up remarks at the end of a presentation are a much appreciated feature of conference day … no matter the conference subject matter or the group it is for.

Darren’s ability to think quick, be spontaneously funny and understand business (remember … he’s not an actor or a comedian ... he is a former economics teacher whose career path reached a point of diminishing returns!) enables him to inject insightful comments at the appropriate moments and interview CEOs, facilitate panels and run Q & A sessions that often provide unexpected moments of gold throughout a conference program.

He is equally at home MCing a multi-day conference, as he is a roadshow or an Awards Night ... and the size of the audience can range from twenty to two thousand or more. Whilst his clients hail from a broad spectrum of industries, he has become a particularly popular MC within the financial industry (especially for groups consisting of brokers, advisers, planners and bank staff) as well as with franchise groups, where his warmth and understanding of small business quickly establishes him as part of the franchise family.

Darren can also provide Presentation Skills training (through either a Keynote Address or a Concurrent Workshop), design and run team-building activities (whether during the day or over a dinner) as well as moderate a comedy debate, turn sponsor segments into interesting interviews (called Sponsor Speakeasies) and inject Energiser activities throughout the day.

Darren graduated from the University of NSW with a Commerce Degree (majoring in marketing) in 1986. He finished off his education with a Diploma of Education the following year, then honed his communication skills in the toughest of arenas – the public high school system.

He spent seven years teaching Sydney teenagers the beauty of the world of Economics. His early career as a High School Economics teacher taught him the vital techniques needed to turn dry and dreary economic information into interesting lessons that actually engaged their audiences.

Darren and his business partner Andrew Klein have designed and facilitated many keynote presentations and workshops in areas such as Presentation Skills, Pitching Skills and Surviving the Recession for a wide variety of organisations.

During his tertiary education he became interested in writing and performing comedy in University Student Revues. He wrote for, and performed several, finally directing one in 1987. He subsequently performed in small comedy cabaret groups in the years between leaving university and co-founding a small business in 1995.

Outside of the world of corporate entertainment and training he is known as ‘The Stats Man’ on Channel 10’s National Basketball League broadcasts. He is one of the League's leading historians – his services have been sought by basketball clubs and media representatives from Sydney to Perth. He has also done some work as a court announcer for the Sydney Kings, the West Sydney Slammers and the Australian Boomers. He refuses to be a pessimist, as he feels he wouldn’t be a very good one. 


BRILLIANT!!! Beautifully prepared and completely in the moment. Very witty, very knowledgeable. The perfect MC!!! You were also vital in keeping energy levels up with the icebreakers at the beginning and during the day and helped to ensure smooth running of the speakers. I also thought your closing speech was relevant and upbeat and believe that it resonated with everyone at the Forum, demonstrating that you had an understanding of our business and what we do.

Westpac Private Bank

Having you MC our conference was worth every cent and more. You were a 'pick me up' for everyone between sessions, very funny, exciting and full of energy. Our franchisees looked for forward to the breaks and in-between sessions rather than the actual sessions, just so they could listen to you. I have sent out evaluation forms to all our franchisees, and even though they haven't all send them back yet I have already received so many that have rated you a fantastic 10. Well Done Darren, thank you for all the effort you went to in gathering information on all the speakers - this made the world of difference. I haven't come across so much preparation before and professionalism. It was like you had known all the speakers for so long!! What a wonderful job!

Mr Rental



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