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Jules Lund Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Jules Lund’s versatility across television, radio & digital has rewarded him with a wealth of experience.

On TV, Jules has hosted Getaway, the Logies Red Carpet, Game-shows, Reality TV, live events, celebrity interviews and more.

In radio, Jules might just have the biggest balls in the business. After following juggernauts Hamish & Andy in National Drive with Fifi Box, he happily guzzled from the poisoned chalice by following Kyle & Jackie O’s 10 year reign in Sydney breakfast, alongside Merrick Watts, Sophie Monk and Mel B.

And yet in the digital world, Jules’ momentum has never been stronger. With a background in Graphic Design, Photography and Film, Jules quickly became obsessed with social media. In 2013, he led ‘The Fifi & Jules’ Facebook Page to become the most engaged brand-page in the entire country.

As a true content generator, Jules writes, directs, performs and pesters his editors until his imagination comes to life. Delivering clients everything from animation to a day-in-the-life, shot on his iPhone.

Jules’ social insights have since made him a unique asset, being invited around the country to present to Australia’s biggest agencies on the power of Social Influencer Marketing.

In 2015 Emma Freedman joined Jules Lund as co-host of the new national nightly Scoopla show from 6pm on SCA’s Hit Network, covering the fickle world of entertainment.

Jules will be continuing to push the boundaries of Digital Content, working with Australia’s leading brands and Influencers to bring a more authentic marketing experience for all.

Jules Lund travelled the globe hosting the Extreme Games for an international audience, been the subject of a six-part series on his adventures through Brazil, Malaysia, USA, Spain and has co-hosted the Channel Nine music show, 'So Fresh'. He is currently part of the teams at the enormously popular 'Getaway' and 'Big Questions' teams, and although he couldn't skate, became crowd favourite on 'Dancing on Ice'. He has since worked with more than 80,000 teenagers through the Reach Foundation, facilitating programs for teenagers ranging from school students to kids in detention centres. But it was his back-packing adventures through 16 countries as a teenager that shaped his often wild approach to travel reporting. But travelling the globe & playing “G.I Jules” is only one small piece of the puzzle. In fact, throw on a suit and he shines just as bright in a LIVE studio environment, having co-hosted the past two Grand Finals of Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show with Toni Pearon, as well as presenting at the 2005 Logie Awards. Jules has become a familiar face across the Nine Network with appearances on Clever, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, 20 to 1, Today, New Years Eve Telecasts, and sharing his favourite recipes with Jeff Janz on Fresh. Along with Getaway, Jules kicked off 2006 as a roving reporter for Melbourne Commonwealth Games capturing the buzz & excitement of a city captivated by Games Fever. He enjoyed his first Logies hosting role covering the glitz and glamour of the red carpet arrivals, and tests his skating skills on Dancing on Ice.


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