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Anthony Laffan Travels from Gold Coast, QLD


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Comedian | Magician | Mentalist | Hypnotist | Mind Reader

Tony Laffan is already an Australian success story overseas and one of the country's premier stage magicians, presenting his comedy magic shows both here in Australia and abroad throughout New Zealand, Europe, America and Asia. Comedy Magic Tony is also a master in the art of Close-Up Magic and just as comfortable entertaining amongst guests as he is on stage.

His mind reading show is also truly a unique form of entertainment that audiences will appreciate as something different, interactive and a tonne of fun while being challenged psychologically.

Anthony uses his warm personality to create a connection with the audience, making a fun night of hilarious and mystifying experiences.

He performs the age old art of conjuring, theatrical pick pocketing and skilful sleight of hand that always astonishes people who are a mere arms lengths away. His magic contains a wealth of interaction and humour leaving all audiences totally entertained.

This multi award winning magician's repertoire is an endless combination of various effects, vanishing and reappearing borrowed items of jewellery, stealing watches right off the wrists of the unwary and changing $20 notes into $100 notes.

He can even produce your very own customized card trick involving the relevant company's name or slogan on request. What your eyes will see, your mind won't comprehend - especially at such close distances. As a vibrant, contemporary conjuror, Tony's reputation for being one of Australia's finest magicians has spread - and nothing succeeds like reputation.

As affirmation of this, Hotel Conrad Jupiter's Casino on Queensland's Gold Coast, booked him exclusively for five years consecutively to perform Close-Up Magic. He has performed for countless corporate and private clients for more than 20 years as a professional magician always entertaining his audiences with his warm personality and his polished routines leaving clients impressed that they booked one of the best.

Anthony's Comedy Hypnosis show has been getting fantastic feedback from the Cruise ship industry where it is one of the top 5 shows for P&O and number one Hypno Show. He has also have been performing every week at the Albion Comedy Club and Restaurant for the past 3 years being the only resident Hypnosis Show in Australia. Needless to say his show is well rehearsed and polished and has been getting great feedback. 

Anthony knows some people may be slightly cautious of this type of show (especially for corporate events) but it is very safe and he never forces people to come up on stage - they all must volunteer and want to be hypnotised. He would never make the CEO ‘cluck like a chicken’ either! 

Keynote Titles

  • The Comedy Mentalism / Mindreading Show (20 - 25 minutes)
  • The Comedy Hypnosis Show (45 minutes)
  • Corporate Close Up Magic


Anthony's act was an absolute clincher and managed to appeal to all types of people with his humour. I would rate Anthony with an 11 out of 10 for his entertainment value and ability to appeal to a corporate audience with humour and 'wow' factor.

Energetics Pty Ltd

It was a delight to have worked with such a co-operative and professional artist and your performance was simply outstanding. It was so refreshing to have a sight act with a modern approach and with a really zappy technique, in short, you brained 'em...

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