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Opera By Disguise Travels from Sydney, NSW

Opera By Disguise


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A guest speaker and his beautiful wife mingle with unsuspecting guests before taking their seats. Meanwhile, an average joe acquaints himself with the room and his fellow unassuming guests. The event now underway, your three guests-in-disguise settle in with their infiltration…

Taking the stage the guest speaker is introduced to begin his speech. Much to the audience’s surprise, amid the apparently professional monologue, the guest speaker remarkably breaks into singing an outstanding aria. With some help from the audience, the speaker’s beautiful wife is encouraged to join him on stage.

After a little coercing, the couple perform a spectacular operatic duet! Average Joe leaps to his feet in the audience with cries of “Bravo, bravo!” Showing his appreciation, he jumps up on a chair launching into to a stirring, unique rendition of ‘Waltzing Matilda’. The three performers then join forces singing a mix of operatic and contemporary songs, with spine tingling results!

This fantastic Australian production incorporates great singing, humour and of course the secret ingredient of audience participation. Employing some of the finest performers in Australia, Opera by Disguise ensures a true operatic experience encompassing some of the world’s most loved arias entwining great laughs along the way.



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