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Tenors Undercover Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Tenors Undercover


  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Corporate Hoax
  • Stage Act

Adding an extra dimension to a powerful vocal demonstration, Tenors Undercover is a highly entertaining, intricate hoax tailored specifically for each and every client. It is sophisticated, interactive and appeals to a wide range of audience.

Loosely based on a very successful formula perfected by the act The Three Waiters, Tenors Undercover involves combinations of performers (can be male and/or female) disguised as VIP guests, specialty soloists, chefs, catering staff, wine experts, TV producers, sports stars, etc, dependent on the event and client’s needs. All performers are high-end professional soloists. All songs performed are supported by high quality, fully orchestrated backing tracks.   

From the creators of The Three Waiters®, Tenors Undercover® officially starred at the G20 Summit in Brisbane, 2014. What an honour it was for Tenors Undercover® to be chosen by the Australian Government as the feature act for the opening dinner. Masquerading as an 'International opera star', a 'VIP seated guest' and a regular 'sound engineer', the three performers had the 160 high profiled audience members, laughing, clapping and enjoying rousing renditions of classic pieces including Music of the Night and Nessun Dorma


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