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Anthony Laye Travels from Gold Coast, NSW


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Fast paced, sleek and energetic, Australia’s Celebrity Mind Reader Anthony Laye, a refreshingly sophisticated approach to entertainment. Delightfully witty and interactive, Anthony seemingly infiltrates minds. Letting the audience experience what at first impression would be deemed IMPOSSIBLE!

People will laugh and shake their heads in disbelief, some people will be shocked to silence but one thing is for sure, Anthony touches his audiences on a personal level, leaving them thinking…..’if mind reading is possible it must look like this’

Blending heightened observational skills, psychological ploys, suggestion and showmanship, Anthony will lead your guests to choose predicted Lotto numbers, words and names. Liars will be spotted and choices influenced. Anthony puts his powers of influence to the test in a breathtaking game of Russian Roulette. The show finale will leave the audience in rapture, as they make an impossible prediction a reality.

Anthony the entertainer, will literally lock your guests to the edge of their seat as he creates intrigue and wonder. This show will have your guests talking for weeks, months….. even years to come!!!!

Anthony can adapt his unique entertainment to suit your event, from 10 minute performance to a full show and roving package.

Blending psychology, showmanship and sleight of hand Anthony can seemingly predict, suggest and control human behaviour, creating an air of intrigue & withheld potential of something marvelous.

Anthony’s interactive and enthusiastic approach will enthrall audiences at any event. Anthony was one of the Southwest of England's most sought after entertainers before moving to Australia, being awarded "Best Magic Act 2007".

Anthony provides entertainment for Corporate dinners, Private Parties, Promotion and PR, Cabaret Nights, Weddings, Trade Shows and TV throughout Australia. Anthony is repeatedly re-booked by his clients for his unforgettable performances and sophisticated style.

English charm, wit, exceptional manners and a strange accent, Anthony’s refined performances of mind reading and mind control captivates audiences leaving them intrigued and thoroughly entertained.

2012 proved to be a very interesting and busy year for Anthony. He was regularly found performing on cruise ships, he has also become a father to a beautiful baby girl and if that wasn’t enough he has made his name on Australian TV as ‘Australia’s Mind Reader’. Performing on Australia’s Got Talent he left the judges speechless as he read Kyle Sandilands mind, going on to perform an Australian TV first, as he played Russian Roulette with industrial nail guns.

Featuring on Better Homes And Gardens, The Morning Show and Today FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show Anthony is setting himself up to become one of Australia’s busiest entertainers.



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