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Anthony Laye Travels from Gold Coast, QLD

Anthony Laye


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In a world that is constantly distracting us and fighting for our attention, being a better leader, influencer and communicator requires a unique edge.

Anthony’s mission is to inspire that in you. And he does this by teaching you to live a more conscious life.

Using his talent as a mentalist, Anthony shares his amazing business and mindset skills as he demonstrates the importance and power of being conscious. A dynamic, energetic and exciting speaker, Anthony engages, empowers and connects his audience, as he delivers the edge you need to help you develop a more cohesive team, build stronger business relationships, sharpen your sales speak or improve customer experience.

And when you start to live a conscious life, you’ll find yourself being happier, more productive, and more business will be won and retained.

Living consciously is your secret to standing out from the crowd and being part of the top 1%.

Anthony Laye - Entertainment

Losing your mind has never been more hilarious. Australia’s premier corporate entertainer Anthony Laye, takes you on a mind-blowing adventure full of laughs and wonder, leaving you with a sense that you’re not the only one in control of your thoughts! A powerful show that leaves a lasting impression.

A human lie detector test, nail-biting Russian roulette, amazing mind tricks. Anthony Laye delivers a unique, unforgettable and funny experience that is talked about long after the event.

So, unless you’ve already seen Anthony Laye in the international magic spectacular “The Illusionists” or on his television appearances, then you’ve never seen anything like him.



Keynote Titles

  • Conscious Communication
  • Conscious Confidence
  • Conscious Impressions
  • Conscious Mindset
  • Conscious Rapport



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