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Human Rhythms Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Human Rhythms


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Goal: To unify the delegates through the creation of team rhythm, uplifting and inspiring everyone. To have fun!

Equipment: Drums, percussion, Boomwhackers (musical tubes) and body parts!

Duration: 30 – 60 minutes

Facilitation: Delegates re-enter the conference room, and are greeted with the sounds of drumming from the Human Rhythms team. They are all invited to take up their seats again, and as they do, they realise that their writing utensils have been replaced with drums. Once seated, they are drawn into the rhythm they begin to play along. At this point the Human Rhythms team orchestrate the delegates individual contributions into one unified rhythm, through the use of layering and sound dynamics.

Periodically, the group is led through warm-up stretches and light-hearted moves designed to amuse, loosen and relax. The Human Rhythms team will also facilitate a series of fun, simple rhythms that will build in intensity, both challenging and uplifting all present, until finally climaxing in a crescendo of sounds and rhythms.

At the conclusion, the Human Rhythms team can establish a boomwhacker rhythm and lead all delegates in conga line style into the next room being used (if required, alternatively this tube section can be incorporated into another part of the playshop). The group continues their conference, laughing and joking, enthused and ready for what lies ahead.

After 8 years as the world’s biggest drumming teambuilding provider, Human Rhythms have developed a brand new product that is very much the next chapter in the musical teambuilding story. The delegates leave the session feeling exhilarated and satisfied with both their band mates and their new found musical skills and company themes and directions are firmly embedded in their psyche!

Options to the basic package include a professional DVD recording of each teams' journey and performance, gifts as prizes for the delegates, or even a celebrity performer to sing each bands creation as a finale (this could be at the end of conference or a gala dinner).

The benefits of a Human Rhythms drum circle for corporate teams include:

  • Illustrates the importance of diversity
  • Broadens listening and communication skills
  • Develops a sense of connection among team members
  • Reduces the effects or work-related stress, anxiety and team conflict
  • Helps improve team motivation and strengthens team-working skills
  • It's a fun team building activity

Benefits of the drum circle for you, as an event organiser, include:

  • Drum circles often hold the same charge as outdoor activities and are accessible to all people
  • The mental challenges associated with music making have been shown to increase a person's capacity for logical thinking and problem solving
  • Music is a non-verbal form of communication. It allows people to share ideas and concepts that transcends the boundaries of language and culture - a real unifying experiences in multi-cultural organisations
  • Music is a universal language so everyone can participate - including the deaf.
  • Drum circles can be presented on and off site, need minimal setup and space compared to many team building activities and integrate well with other types of programs

When people feel good, they bring out their best work.  Feeling good helps mental efficiency, making people better at understanding information as well as being more flexible in their thinking.

An upbeat mood means that people view the world around them (including team members and events) in a more positive light. That, in turn, helps people feel more optimistic about achieving a goal, enhances creativity and decision making skills. Importantly, this mindset also encourages people to be helpful and to make a contribution that enhances the co-operative spirit of the team.


Fantastic! We all had a lot of fun. It was a great way to finish off the conference part of our Trade Show. Great suggestion!

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