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Performing on any stage, anytime, in any country seems to be what these guys and girls were born to do! Using the blistering talents of four percussionists, Bang! fuses together an action packed show that has been seen on Australian television and international stages.

Energising grooves, over 40 stick tricks and an uncanny range of drums and garbage bins, create an intoxicating and interactive show that’s energising audiences around the globe.

Bang! delivers a powerhouse performance. Hands are a blur as they play over 14,000 notes per show, beating out wild rhythms of organised chaos with specially designed glow sticks. Be amazed as they flip and twirl their sticks with precision while dodging the occasional flying bin! Watch and listen as this group explode into your night and go out with a Bang!

Bang! have wowed corporate audiences across Australia and from Shanghai to Mumbai with appearances on Australian television in between. Bang! love to think outside the square to create custom designed shows, adding dancers and other talented performers to suit your brief.


BANG was the perfect start to the night, revving everyone up and getting the party underway.

Retail First

The unsuspecting audience seemed utterly impressed by your exceptional talent and your fresh, vibrant form of entertainment. Feedback from both customers and retailers was extremely positive. The show is a real crowd pleaser with something for all ages. Thank you also for being so accommodating and helpful.

Sunnybank Plaza


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