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Phil Cass Travels from Sydney, NSW

Phil Cass


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He'll tear up your money, cut off your tie, lift your watch ... and split your sides!! With a middle name like "Trust Me" you can be sure of one thing ... Phil Cass defies the conventional pattern of mayhem on stage with his unique on-stage persona.

Phil has gained an enviable reputation not only as a first rate illusionist of international standard but also for being in the upper echelon of Australia’s most polished and professional comedy entertainers. His close up magic is absolutely, positively mind boggling ….especially when mixed with his brand of humour!

You get a world class professional magician and comedian that knows how to thrill an audience. He's a master at deception. He's an illusionist. He's skilled at controlling and manipulating emotions and delivering a show jammed packed with the best one liners, comebacks, set-ups and ad-lib's imaginable. His on stage persona levitates the room with suspense and laughter.


Phil is the winner of many awards including the Australian Variety Artist’s “Mo” Award and put simply he is one of the very funniest comedy performers around. 

With over 20 years on stage and over 4000 shows in 56 countries you know that there are few magicians here in Australia and even around the world that can deliver a truly polished and irresistible LIVE ACT - every time!


One of the funniest shows I have seen in a very, very long time! The linchpin was Phil Cass, whose mingling of magic, prestidigitation and comedy had tears streaming down peoples' eyes. He assaulted our collective funny bone ... I laughed for so long and so hard that by the end of it, it was almost a relief to stop laughing.

The Courier Mail

Our expectations were high, but nobody - not even our organising committee could have imagined what a fantastic night it was to be. We had fabulous feedback, the most common comment being a very rewarding "haven't laughed so much in years." You were THE highlight of our conference.


Still untouchable as Australia's No.1 corporate comedy magic act!

National Press Club Of Australia


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