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Fiesta Tropicale Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Fiesta Tropicale


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Exploding onto the scene with horns and drums blasting, five and live in tropical colours, passion & motion, Fiesta Tropicale transports you to a Caribbean carnival with rhythms you can't resist.

Be caught by surprise as they rove through a doorway into your pool side or cocktail party to bring music with flavour and passion to set the mood.

They may conga line into the ballroom to dine to the "romantico" sounds of the Bossa Nova and Cha-cha-cha. 

When it’s time to dance, out comes the trumpet or trombone, congas, bongos, maracas, and keys which will have all on the dance floor.

The audience can enjoy various compilations such as the Lambda, Limbo, Makarena.

You may want to include a dancer, who can teach Salsa, Mambo, and Samba.  Enjoy all the Latin favorites including, La Bamba, Guantanamera. Sing along to those Belafonte Calypsos: Coconuts, Banana and Jamaican songs and recent Cuban “Buena Vista Club” ,Gypsy Kings, Santana.  Also included on the play list are; Quato de Tula, Compai, Hot Hot Hot and many more.

This is a fresh, versatile, innovative and internationally famed tropical band that will add mambo and colour to your occasion.  They are an authentic, yet popular, young and alive with unique style and personality.  A Latin tropical party band, which exurbs a Caribbean carnival party scene with rhythms you can’t resist.

In the past 27 years they have performed at venues from Port Douglas Mirage and Sydney Rocks, to Melbourne’s Grand Prix.  This band is undoubtedly one of Australia’s best export specialty act's covering Latin, Mexican, Caribbean and Calypso music styles.

They also offer a roving style act and specialise in strolling, roaming and walking through events and entertainment spaces.

This band will add colour to any occasion.



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