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Greg Hudson Travels from Sydney, NSW

Greg Hudson


  • Comedy
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Magic
  • Stage Act

Comedy hypnotist Greg Hudson has amused and amazed audiences all over Australia and New Zealand with his engaging personality and fascinating performances.

Greg’s unique ‘Hypnotic Show’ provides the perfect entertainment as he mixes hypnosis, comedy, music and sound effects to demonstrate the unbelievable power of the mind.

Greg Hudson will enliven your conference, product launch, trade show or private function and give your guests an experience they’ll remember long after the event is over. As an ice-breaker Greg can perform mind boggling magic tricks right under your audience’s nose, or he’ll combine his unique talents to present a stage show filled with magic and mystery.

Greg Hudson  takes volunteers from the audience and transforms them into star performers using the powers of suggestion. They will take on the persona’s of famous people, go back in time to when they were young children, visit an alien planet, get drunk on water and much, much more.

Imagine the looks on your guests faces as their friends and colleagues perform in amazing and unbelievable ways!

Treating audience volunteers with the greatest respect, Greg Hudson gives them an uplifting experience, while providing hilarious entertainment that the audience will talk about for a long, long time.  Both the audience and the volunteers have the time of their life, for the audience it is fascinating, hilarious entertainment. The volunteers will find it a relaxing, fun filled and unforgettable experience.


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