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Isaac Lomman Travels from Adelaide, SA

Isaac Lomman


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Finding entertainment that is both funny and enthralling at the same time can be difficult. Finding entertainment that will have your audiences laughing for days, weeks or even years after is even harder to find and is a special kind of entertainment.

If you’re looking for an entertainment solution for 20 people right up to 2000 people, you are in the right place. Not only is Isaac’s Comedy Hypnosis show conveniently scalable to fit in with your event no matter the size of your audience or venue, it is entirely audience based - producing an effect unlike any other stage show.

Combining a natural flair for entertaining and a pure love for hypnotism, Isaac enjoys inducing this wonderful trance like state in his volunteers so they can experience this great phenomenon we call hypnosis.

Enjoying every moment of what he does he finds his job on stage always holds interesting surprises as each volunteer responds to hypnosis differently.

Unlike Magic or Mentalist shows, a Hypnosis show does not use gimmicks or tricks to produce an effect. What you see on stage is completely genuine and indeed a natural trance state of mind. Isaac’s Comedy Hypnosis Show is a perfect entertainment solution for your Corporate Entertainment if you are looking for the following:
A flexible, low tech stage show
Gets your audience involved
Will have your event talked about for years to come
Suitably insured with up to $10 Million Liability Insurance
Will keep your guests fully engaged from 45 minutes up to 90 minutes

Volunteers Only!
Some people envision a Stage Hypnotist having to force volunteers from the audience to join him on stage. You’ll be quite surprised at just how many people want to join Isaac on stage to experience this interesting trance state of mind.

Whether it’s from a natural curiosity of the mind or the natural charisma of The Hypnotist no one needs to be forced to participate and at a designated point in the show Isaac calls for volunteers to come up and join him on stage and that is who he works with on the night. Turning your staff and guests into the stars of the show, focusing on the power of their imaginations and unconscious minds and creating a show that must be seen to be believed!

Suitable For All Ages!
Isaac's show is unique to entertainment field in that it is entirely clean, comedy suitable for all age groups. Hypnosis is an amazing state of mind and Isaac loves to deliver a show that is not tempered by dirty content that takes away from the experience of seeing your colleagues hypnotised on stage. His aim is to have the audience members wishing they had come up on stage so that the next time he is there to entertain he has more and more volunteers wishing to experience this wonderful state of mind!



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