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Amanda Gore Travels from Dallas, USA

Amanda Gore


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Amanda Gore is called a 'people whisperer'. She is a communications and performance expert, who for over 25 years has been helping people achieve results by re-connecting them to what really drives perception, attitudes, behaviour, engagement, joy and positive outcomes in business and life. 

Her expertise in transforming the spirit of people and cultures changes perceptions; improves relationships and leadership; connects and engages people; and reframes the value of change.

Amanda blends ancient wisdom with modern science to make her presentations an experience - entertaining, engaging and using a lot of interaction and laughter. She gives practical tips and tools that you can use immediately. She blends principles in neuroscience, epigenetics, emotional intelligence and positive psychology in a way that makes people crack up, connect and leave the stress of getting to the conference behind! 

Have you ever wondered...How to teach your team to let go of their difficulties and move forward together? What's the best way to create individual and group relationships that last? How to get your team to be enthusiastic and enjoy themselves, their jobs and their customers? How to lead authentically to inspire and motivate those around you to outstanding results? How to ensure a successful meeting, team transformation and renewed success? How to do more, in less time with fewer resources?

Amanda's presentations answer these questions and are interactive, entertaining and full of immediately useful skills. They are an enlightening experience that makes people feel great. The simple techniques and powerful messages will be remembered, and Amanda delivers credible content and practical skills.

Learn that the latest principles on how to keep your heart well are the same as those required to build unstoppable teams. Unite the group with common “codes” that create fun and meaning throughout your conference and long after they return to the office.

Understand the secret skills of authentic leadership which allow us to be more successful in business and in life. Create workplace traditions that reduce stress, foster good relationships, encouragement and recognition.

With today’s mergers and cross-cultural workplaces, Amanda stresses the importance of creating corporate communities that bring people together productively and profitably.

Her thoughtful and intelligent assessment of what it takes to lead, coach and inspire corporate teams to outstanding results in a range of businesses from healthcare to technology, finance to real estate, energy to hospitality, and insurance to retail, has distinguished her as one of the world’s most sought after experts in her field.

Author of five books and several DVD and audio training programmes, Amanda has a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy, a Major in psychology, and expertise in ergonomics, group dynamics, stress management, neurolinguistics, and emotional intelligence. She has worked in corporations, colleges, hospitals and private practice, and has often been interviewed on radio and TV on her areas of expertise.

Amanda blends these areas of expertise to connect body, mind and spirit to show people how to become more effective professionally and personally, and to become their real selves — to be authentic.

Amanda will adapt her presentations, so the message is directly relevant to the outcomes you have for the meeting. She has a database of information that she can “mix and match” to create stories and lessons that have meaning for your attendees and your corporate culture.

All of Amanda’s presentations are high energy, funny, practical, use a lot of audience involvement, and have serious messages presented in entertaining and memorable stories. She models the authenticity that she teaches which allows her to connect in special ways with audiences.

It’s how transformed people feel at the end of Amanda’s presentations that makes the difference.

Keynote Titles

  • WAKE UP to what really matters! At work and at home!
  • WAKE UP to the Link Between Feelings and Success
  • WAKE UP to The Spirit of Leadership
  • WAKE UP to Profitable Joy!
  • WAKE UP to What Makes Relationships Work - at Work
  • Resetting and Redefining Success
  • Why Joy is the New Competitive Advantage
  • Re-Calibrating Change - Why It's Really Good For You
  • The Big Re-Set


You'll be very pleased to know that your wonderful gestures and sayings have really caught on in my own department. I also overheard someone else ask the other "What's the Best Thing that's Happened to You Today?" and they are all learning to "Build a Bridge and Get Over It" when things happen and there's no sense in holding onto it! I'm sure the same thing is going on in our sales offices across the US! You are a gift that keeps on giving! You were has given them another language to use that connects them and puts laughter back into the workplace!


I have spent most of this week out visiting the stores and attending store meetings and events. Wow!! It is catching on. Everyone is using the tools you gave them and wanting more. I sure messed up by not having you come speak to us sooner. I make financial decisions every day about how to use our budget and invest our money in different resources. You are the best investment I have made yet. We will earn 'dividends' for a long time.

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