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David Banger Travels from Melbourne, VIC

David Banger


  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Digital Technology
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  • Entrepreneur
  • Generations
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David Banger is a thinker and pragmatist. His expertise lies in offering unique and succinct insights that enable organisations and their people to realise their technology and digital potential.

He believes that good people within organisations have the potential to be great and that their current knowledge, combined with digital fundamentals, will contribute to a business truly realising its potential. His international career has spanned multiple industries, much of it involving transformation and the next stage of something.

David lived in London from 2001 to 2010 and is now based in Melbourne. In his career, he has had various roles, such as CIO, Digital and Technology Executive in Construction and Engineering (John Holland), Professional Services (KPMG), Technology (Microsoft), Management Consulting (IBM and Capgemini) and Financial Services (Prudential UK and CBA).

Exceptionally committed to learning, he prides himself on learning from others, including his clients. David’s career began unorthodoxly with him leaving high school at sixteen, having not completed his high-school certificate. He returned to formal education in his twenties, ultimately gaining under and post-graduate (MBA) qualifications at Swinburne University.  In 2018, he completed IMD and MIT’s “Driving Strategic Innovation” in Switzerland.

'Digital Everyone's Business' book is for anyone serious about evolving your business and growing your people, and if you  want to understand and be digital, this guide is your foundation. It’s clear, concise and practical. 

David the Generation X male, and his latest book 'Finding a Better Way' co-written with Michelle Stevenson, a Generation Y female freelance editor is exploring old and new ideas across country, workplace, community and family. 

Keynote Titles

  • Finding A Better Way
  • Could we be BETTER
  • The future of work is 'thinking more and doing less'
  • Digital is everyone's business, how to get your hands dirty
  • Savvy tactics for stretched teams
  • Lessons from the past for your innovation of tomorrow


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