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Heather Swan Travels from Sydney, NSW

Heather Swan


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Heather Swan is a dual world record holding wingsuit pilot, a mountaineer, an award winning writer, an adventure photographer, wife & mother and popular professional speaker.

Your audience will be entertained, challenged and inspired by Heather’s keynote presentation. Delegates will take away new insights into successfully managing change and what's possible when we understand the brain, the mind, the fear system and their combined role in performance, fearlessness and emotional health.

Heather is a powerful inspirational speaker who expertly combines stories from her incredible adventure career with valuable lessons on peak performance to deliver unforgettable keynote presentations. She's spoken around the world to audiences up to eight thousand people and at high profile events where she's been rated as highly as celebrity speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Olivia Newton-John, Dannii Minogue, Diane von Furstenberg and Sir Bob Geldof.

Heather is one of Australia's best known adventurers. She holds a number of World and Australian records in extreme sport, including one for a wingsuit flight from a 6672 metre mountain in the Himalayas. She is the only woman in the world to successfully combine high altitude mountaineering and wingsuit flying.

She has featured three times on 60 Minutes and Australian Story and in countless other television, radio and print articles. Just recently, with her husband and team, she made the first wingsuit flight across The Grand Canyon.

Heather's impressive achievements in adventure are remarkable, but even more so when you consider she didn't begin adventuring until her late 30's. Prior to that she was a senior corporate executive, with a long career in management, marketing and communications, both in Australia and internationally.

In December 2017 Heather made the first wingsuit flights in Antarctic with her partner Glenn Singleman, flying across Mt Rossman in the Ellsworth Mountain Range. In January 2018 they made the first wingsuit flight across Melbourne city – completing the project to fly Australia’s Eastern capital cities. These projects are as much about persistence, project planning and management as they are excellence in execution.

Today Heather combines professional speaking with her other career as an award winning writer and photographer specialising in profiling successful and inspirational people.

Keynote Titles

  • Lessons from the Ledge Keynote
  • Lessons from the Ledge Workshop


At Business Chicks over the years we've been blessed to hear from speakers such as Sir Richard Branson, Olivia Newton-John, Dannii Minogue, Diane von Furstenberg and Sir Bob Geldof, but ask any one of our members who's been their favourite, and Heather Swan's name will appear on the list. She is inspiring just by being, and an absolute pleasure to work with. Her story and her delivery tugs at the heart strings and puts you outside of your comfort zone and her message resonates with everyone, young and old. She's a true professional and we feel blessed to have put her on our stage, many times now.

Business Chicks

The best keynote I've heard.


I can't think of a more fitting way to have celebrated International Women's Day than with Heather Swan and her powerful message of fearlessness - not of being unafraid but of mastering the ability to be determined and courageous in spite of it. She is a very strong, kind and inspirational female role model. Heather's videos, anecdotes and accomplishments in extreme sport were fascinating and the lessons are ones that could be applied to any facet of life. Feedback has been 100% positive, which isn't surprising after looking around the room at everyone's mesmerised faces during the event. Heather's message is one that inspires change and will resonate with me for a long time.

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