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Elizabeth Venzin


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Elizabeth Venzin is the Founder and CEO of The MindShift Foundation and an advocate of preventative mental health.

As a professional speaker whose presentations inspire innovative ideas and new perspectives on the meaning of success, Elizabeth shows her audience how success, whether in business or in personal endeavours, happens by choice, not by chance.

Her personal philosophies are driven by an important personal lesson – that it’s not external events that shape our self-worth, but how we view our own life and life’s events. As we come to believe more in our true capabilities and have a greater awareness in how we think, we can identify substantial ways to enjoy a better and more rewarding future.

Having overcome many obstacles and challenges in the course of her own life, Elizabeth shares her experiences with her audience in a vibrant and engaging way. Both touching and meaningful, with passion and with spirit, she appeals to the heart and mind of her listeners with a timely message about how they can empower themselves and improve their self-worth to confront and conquer challenges thrown their way.

With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate sector, Elizabeth has run her own events management company, held a long-term role as the CEO of one of Australia's most prestigious national business organisations, and with her goal to give back and help people find their passion and purpose, Elizabeth is very proud to be the Founder and CEO for the not-for-profit organisation, The MindShift Foundation.

Elizabeth's presentations focus on challenges, change and choices; and offer fresh insights into future opportunities, current possibilities and unique strategies for us all to be the victors of our future, not victims of our past.

Keynote Titles

  • How to balance life and work
  • It all starts at the Boardroom
  • The importance of Mindfulness
  • Positive Relationships in the office
  • How to overcome work-related stress


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