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Michelle O'Hara Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Michelle O'Hara


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The highlight of Michelle's business life came when she hit the $1.6 million in sales mark. She had learnt everything the hard way, through trial and error, by continuously making the same mistakes, by feeling like a guilty Mum and the rest.

On the road to her success, she began with university degrees in Strategic Human Resource Management and Marketing, followed with 100’s of 000’s of dollars spent on personal development and working with all the top industry leaders to learn from the best.

Working across so many unique industries has given her a wonderful insight into the world of the “ideal client” and how to provide them with great value. Starting in the shoe industry (every young girl’s dream), to hospitality to Conference and Event Management to European training to then entering the entrepreneurial world of her own business.

In Event Management she lost a lot of money and learnt a lot. In the Underwear business she had over 9000 clients in her database, she did learn a few things and made a lot of money. The Professional Development Workshops for Women (The Sassy Circle) taught her about social media marketing, creating a brand perception and touch points and combination of all her learning.

Michelle's biggest takeaway is marketing and always will be about relationships as long as they don't lose sight of the fact that you are there for your customer, not vice versa - all will go well.

Michelle is passionate about bringing business owners together, working on their big picture marketing, driving their success - providing branding, marketing and sales strategies that increase connections, increase clients and increase cash flow.

Keynote Titles

  • Activate Your Brand, Market Your Business, Increase Your Sales
  • “Alignment” – The Key to Branding, Marketing and Sales Success
  • You’re Missing the WIIFT (What’s in it for them)
  • You Can’t Be a Success If You Are a Secret
  • Connection Strategy – The No. 1 Marketing Tool Every Organisation Must Have


Outstanding Branding and Marketing talk that will get real tangible results for your business. Michelle’s nuggets of gold last year, helped me take my weekly networking groups to a whole new level of professionalism and truly target my ideal clients very accurately.

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