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While training to become an Olympic aerial skier, Alisa Camplin completed a Bachelor of Information Technology degree and began her international career as a senior executive with IBM. Twenty years later, Alisa is a unique and contemporary leader, juggling a dynamic portfolio of sport, business consultancy and governance roles.

Ascending quickly through the ranks in both sport and business, Alisa famously drew upon business fundamentals to meticulously plan and prepare an Olympic campaign like no other. Using external mentors and tracking progress against challenging targets, Alisa defied the naysayers to build the right team, hold herself personally accountable and pushed through the physical, mental and emotional setbacks until success was achieved. Winning for the first time at the 2002 SLC Winter Olympic Games, Alisa then set about surviving success to create sustainable repeat success. As the two-time World Cup Grand Prix Winner, World Champion and World Record holder, Alisa Camplin then returned from two back-to- back knee reconstructions to deliver a remarkable Bronze medal at the 2006 Torino Olympics. Breaking nearly every bone in her body along the way, Alisa Camplin proves that mental strength, attitude and self-belief are intrinsic to success.

Upon retirement, Alisa returned to the corporate world, where her highly successful global career with IBM spanned 16 years. She held a number of senior executive positions in different geographies, covering business leadership, brand strategy, sales, business development and service delivery. Known for her resilient, positive, outcome orientated approach to business, she is now a resilience and high performance consultant working with elite individuals, teams and organisations across various industries.

As the Performance Manager for Australia's 2018 Olympic Winter Games Team, Alisa is consistently focused on achieving outcomes with elite individuals in high performance areas. She is also the Deputy Chair of the Australian Sports Commission, a Non-Executive Director of the Winter Olympic Institute of Australia, and she led great change in the Australian Sports Philanthropy sector as the former Chair of the Australian Sports Foundation. She is the THINK Well Ambassador for AIA Insurance’s Vitality Program and she has just been named as the Collingwood Football Clubs first ever Patron of Women's Sport.

Eloquent, passionate, and always professional, Alisa Camplin has so much to share and must be heard.

Keynote Titles

  • Preparation for Success - are you working hard enough when nobody else is watching?
  • Surviving success to create sustainable repeat success
  • Where to, what's next...It's your choice!
  • Needing, building and motivating the right team
  • The quest for excellence, accepting accountability in defining limits
  • Managing speed bumps, jumping hurdles and overcoming adversity
  • Creating physical, mental and emotional resilience
  • Skills, tips and tools you can use your own life, team and workforce
  • Authentic motivation - finding your personal WHY


The 'real life' story from Alisa is both inspirational and compelling by nature. The true grit, determination to succeed, personal sacrifice and humanity of her journey were delivered with humour, pathos, and a conviction that resonated deeply with our audience. If the tears and laughter were any indication of how successful her delivery was, then the I guess the long line of those wanting to meet her personally was not surprising. Alisa ticked every box on our wish list for this important event.


I just wanted to say that your presentation this morning was amazing. I felt like we all went on a rollercoaster journey of emotions with you - from the lows of being injured through to the ecstatic highs of winning your medals - and then through to the most incredibly honest and heartfelt account of your time with your beautiful son. I go to a lot of these breakfasts and can honestly say that I have never been in a room full of people who would normally answer phones, check messages or get up during the presentations, who sat completely still and captivated by your every word. There was certainly not a dry eye at my table by the time you had finished and I have no doubt this was shared across the rest of the room. Anyway, I just wanted to congratulate you on such a captivating and entertaining presentation - and for having the courage to share your amazing stories with us all.

Robert Half Business Breakfast Roadshow

One word - AMAZING! Alisa’s ability to overcome adversity, physical, mental and emotional challenges really left the audience inspired, motivated and ready to lead! The breadth of the presentation was phenomenal. She was able to share and freely talk through extremely personal stories in a professional manner which made a huge impact on the audience. Alisa was able to share her sporting accomplishments and relate her learnings and the tools she used during this time to the corporate working environment. She brought fantastic personality and authenticity to the presentation which helped keep the audience connected and sitting on the edge of their seats!

Coles Limited


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