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Mark Visser Travels from Sunshine Coast, QLD

Mark Visser


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Mark Visser is the 2014/15 Big Wave paddle in champion. For the past 13 years, Mark has been a mindset coach to some of the world’s most successful individuals. Working with world champions 11-x Kelly Slater and Steph Gilmore, Australian SAS, US Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, and sporting teams. Mark has also been highly instrumental in the mindset training for professional coaches, billion-dollar tech companies and two AFL premiership teams.
After many years of training, Mark Visser made history by surfing the notoriously dangerous 40-50ft waves at Jaws (Pe’ahi), Maui, in total darkness. A true world first achievement, known globally as Night Rider.
With passion and humility, Mark speaks from the heart about breathtaking events and realising his dreams. Mark is a down to earth, natural speaker who is infectiously energetic and engaging.
Mark can be engaged as a keynote speaker for individuals, teams and organisations, giving them the drive to innovate, achieve and challenge their limits. Presentations can also be tailored to draw-out company ethos and key messages to assist in focusing on brand or club specific goals.
By using his own experiences and challenges as an example, Mark’s presentation covers how he and his team accomplished an inconceivable goal and proved that the ‘impossible IS possible’. This presentation includes jaw dropping imagery and video content, inspiring his audiences to understand that any task can be achieved, with the right strategy.
Mark is a highly passionate and experienced facilitator who has an extensive background in elite sport, the corporate arena and leadership teams across a broad range of industries. In addition to keynote presentations, Mark can facilitate 1-2 hour masterclasses and half day workshops (out of the water). During these sessions, Mark teaches attendees how to build self-awareness, enhance mental wellbeing, accelerate performance and improve leadership skills.
Mark’s ‘The Elite Mindset Program’ has been tailored to business professionals, corporate teams and individuals wanting to gain the edge in the moments that matter. This course encourages a team building experience based on the excitement of big wave surfing and underwater submersion for any skill level. This is a memorable experience that will have you motivated and excited for any challenge.

Keynote Titles

  • The Backpack Procedure
  • The Mind Body Process
  • Who’s Holding the Mic?
  • Map it Out & Tap it Out
  • Inner Warrior 1 day Course


The audience was spell-bound watching some of his video clips. Mark is a driven motivator and engages warmly with guests at all levels. We would highly recommend Mark to any event organiser or group wanting a big impact keynote speaker.

Bank Of Queensland

One of the best keynote speakers we have ever had! Mark captured the audience and delivered a powerful message that we can all relate to in the corporate world.

American Express

Thoroughly entertaining, everyone loved it, with plenty of chatter later around the bar and in the office today. Lots of take homes for all of us irrespective of our role in the business which was excellent as so many professional speakers are focussed more on the sales team, leaving the rest of us bored!

McGrath Real Estate


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