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Chris Blowes Travels from Adelaide, SA

Chris Blowes


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Chris Blowes is an authentic and engaging keynote speaker who takes his audience on an honest journey through the highs and lows of before, during and after the shark attack.

On Anzac Day, 2015, he was paddling in after an average morning of surf when he was attacked by a great white shark.  From the moment the shark attacked him, Chris was in a race against time.  He should have died, but he didn’t.  Many divine elements came together that day.

Chris will have you on the edge of your seat as he shares how he overcame adversity to find purpose in his trauma.  His story will show you how through struggle and hardship there can be growth and learning, and how with the right mindset there can be so much to gain if you can make it through moments of adversity and discomfort. 

Chris’s thought provoking presentation is accompanied by a series of impressive visuals which will give you the key take-aways to help motivate you through moments of hardship and inspire you to achieve your goals. Through his lived experiences, Chris shares how our limiting mindsets can be preventing us from reaching our full potential, and how true growth ultimately lies in pushing your boundaries and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Speaking to the following themes of adapting to change, overcoming fear, celebrating failures and mental wellbeing Chris will capture the audiences attention from beginning to end.

Keynote Titles

  • Overcoming adversity
  • Dealing with your inner critic
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone
  • Overcoming fear of failure
  • The power of gratitude
  • Finding purpose in your trauma


For me Chris’s story resonates on many levels. Of course, his survival was extraordinary, but that was largely out of his hands. The courage shown on the day of the shark attack can be credited to his surfing mates. The skill and tenacity demonstrated is a tribute to the many health professionals involved. Where Chris had to step up was from the moment, he awoke from the sedation in the hospital ICU. His recovery and rehab is a wonderful tale of mental strength and willpower. To finally return to his highly physical work as a builder and to resume his surfing is a measure of his character. And in his telling of the story in a typically understated, Laconic Aussie Fashion, there is a message for all of us about the power of positivity.

2019 Joint Australian Of The Year

We had Chris speak at our recent team building event and his life story was interesting, inspirational and well presented. He held the attention of the audience throughout the speech and the number of people who engaged in the Q&A afterwards was testament to how much they were invested in his story. Our team members were still talking about Chris's speech days later, saying it was inspiring and thought provoking. We would recommend Chris to anyone looking for an inspirational speaker.

Maxima Training Group (Aust) Limited

Chris spoke with real emotion and humanity. There were parts of his incredible story that made the hairs on my arm stand to attention. Surviving the shark attack itself was simply the beginning of a truly inspirational come back and rebuild of his whole way of life. To say i was inspired and moved by what Chris has achieved is an understatement. With a view to continue doing the things he loved (like surfing) after being told it was not going to be possible is a real lesson in strength, courage, persistence, love and perseverance. All qualities of a great leader and a remarkable human being.

Director Of Palumbo Constructions


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