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Matthew Johnstone Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Matthew Johnstone has written, illustrated and photographed eight books, he is currently working on his ninth. Six of which have been international best sellers.

Matthew is passionate mental health and wellbeing advocate and he spends much of his time on the speaking circuit. Matthew has done creative consultancy for the Black Dog Institute, The Golden Door Elysia, Geelong Grammar, CommBank, Sydney Trains and other major corporates. He develops and delivers illustrated programs, videos and talks on mental health, resilience and wellbeing. 

His work has been endorsed by Stephen Fry, Edward de Bono, the World Health Organisation and Google. Matthew created a video based on ‘I Had a Black Dog’ for Mental Health Awareness Month, for the World Health Organisation.

It is the most viewed video in the history of W.H.O and has had over 30 million views on their Youtube and Facebook feeds. Matthew has dedicated his life to living well and inspiring others by flicking switches with pictures.

Keynote Titles

  • Tough and UP
  • Stress Less
  • How to Quiet Your Mind


His insights, illustrations and influence enabled the Commission tonpromote consumer participation and co-design messages nationally.nThe evaluations from all three symposia provide the evidence tonsupport Matthew’s expertise. He was by far the top presenter.

Health Quality & Safety Commission

Inspiring. Thought provoking. Impactful. Funny. When Matthew Johnstone walks onto a stage and his breathtaking illustrations fill the screen, silence descends on the audience. Whether in a room of 100 or 500, Matt engages each as an individual. Through his imagery, he translates complex issues such as mental health, wellbeing, mindfulness, resilience and stress into easy to understand and memorable concepts.


Matthew was brought in to start each day, during a 2 day executive master class in digital brand building in New York. Matthew engages audiences big and small with warmth and authenticity as he shares his own story and helps the room ground in a bit of peace and mindfulness.




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