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Matthew Johnstone Travels from Sydney, NSW


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Matthew Johnstone has written, illustrated and photographed nine books, six of which have been local and international best sellers.

Matthew is a passionate mental health and well-being advocate he spends much of his time on the speaking circut.

Matthew has done creative consultancy for the Black Dog Institute, The Golden Door Elysia, Geelong Grammar, the government of Norway, CommBank, Sydney Trains and many other major corporates. He develops and delivers illustrated programs, videos and talks on mental health, resilience and well-being.

His work has been endorsed by Stephen Fry, Edward de Bono, the World Health Organisation and Google. He was one of 6 finalists in the presitigious 2018 Australia Mental Health Award sponsored by the University of NSW.

Matthew created a video based on I Had a Black Dog for Mental Health Awareness Month, for the World Health Organisation. It is the most viewed video in the history of W.H.O and has had over 30 million views on their Youtube and Face Book feeds.

Matthew has dedicated his life to living well and inspiring others by “flicking switches with pictures.”

Matthew Johnstone is a passionate, well seasoned keynote speaker who has delivered talks all over Australia and the world. He has addressed 87 countries at the World Health Organisation in Geneva on the power of imagery in telegraphing mental health and wellbeing strategies. He has done book and speaking tours of Iceland and the UK, as well as delivering a series of talks to Google in New York. Whether it’s a keynote, a workshop or a breakout session, Matthew is happiest when he is inspiring others to a live a life fully with wellbeing, meaning and purpose. 

Keynote Titles

  • Tough and UP
  • Stress Less
  • How to Quiet Your Mind
  • Being Mentally Healthy


Our survey rated your presentation at 9.7/10 which is outstanding. I will certainly recommend you to our YPO regional organisers for future events. Thanks again for presenting and making it such a memorable night.


Matthew presented an open session for over 150 of our TVNZ team about stress – how to understand it and how to learn to ride the wave and keep things in perspective.n nMatthew’s warm, brave, humorous and authentic approach in sharing his personal experiences really resonated with our team. He engaged the audience in a way that got them sharing. What I personally liked the most was Matthew’s welcoming and matter-of-fact manner and clear desire to get people to open up a conversation where they may have once feared to walk. nWe look forward to welcoming Matthew back to TVNZ very soon.


The New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission invited Matthew to be the keynote speaker at a national symposium in Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. His insights, illustrations and influence enabled the Commission to promote consumer participation and co-design messages nationally. The evaluations from all three symposia provide the evidence to support Matthew’s expertise. He was by far the top presenter. Using humour, design and authenticity he managed to engage, and challenge the audience. We are very grateful to Matthew and can recommend him highly. He is just the ticket for anyone with the desire to open minds, promote health, wellness and resilience.

Health Quality & Safety Commission



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