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Fiori Giovanni Travels from Melbourne, VIC


  • Change Management
  • Female Speaker
  • Inspirational
  • Motivational
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Personal Development
  • Resilience
  • Social Responsibility

At the age of 12, Fiori’s marriage was already arranged. By 14 she was recruited to fight in the Eritrean army. Her destiny, like that of so many other girls in Third World countries had been dictated, defined and determined. It was yet, though, to be defied.  Cue Fiori’s inspirational story.

At 15, Fiori made the harrowing decision to flee war-torn Eritrea without friends or family. She crossed 5 continents and 20 countries in search of knowledge, personal growth and wisdom; eventually settling in Australia where she’s now a highly sought-after keynote speaker and a respected Business and Executive Coach.

As a result of repeatedly overcoming harrowing life experiences and insurmountable obstacles, Fiori has decoded her steps towards survival, transformation and success, creating a formula that empowers others to overcome their own problems, no matter how big or small.

Fiori has used this same framework to help many business executives re-set new paths to success and fulfilment. This same framework is now readily available to helping anyone who is looking for inspiration and a proven formula to Defy their Own Destiny – the most practical and effective tool for helping you live a life you love.

Fiori is an in-demand business coach who partners with high-level executives and small business owners to: develop leadership skills, build high-performance sales teams, create stability, drive profits, tackle major challenges, expand their client base, increase their confidence and so much more.  She holds both European and Australian qualifications in business management, accounting and director secretariat. She's also studied Microsoft Office Business intelligence software and the global share market, focusing on USA options and FOREX.

Although Fiori speaks five languages, the language she speaks most fluently and frequently is the language of hope and conviction; particularly when delivering keynote presentations. She connects deeply with every audience member as she shares her story of tenacity and resolve. Her story inspires people to question their own status quo in order to step outside their comfort zones to live rich, rewarding lives. Not the lives mapped out by others, or even themselves.

Keynote Titles

  • Defy Your Destiny
  • The Power of Authenticity
  • The Truth About Refugees
  • The Gentle Scent of Freedom
  • Harnessing our Power and Resilience


Fiori is a pleasure to work with and she really takes the time to understand the needs of her audience. I invited her back to speak for us without hesitation. As well as being dynamic and powerful, Fiori has a strong presence and connects and interacts powerfully with her audience. Her message is both relevant and inspirational. Her presentation inspired me to reflect on my own life, after which I felt motivated and energised to make important changes. Fiori's k keynote will open your mind to unlimited possibilities. It's an empowering experience. thanks Fiori

CPA Australia

Fiori's powerful personal message inspires everyone to believe they can overcome any obstacles in order to achieve what they want. No matter what the topic, Fiori can be relied upon to deliver an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation.


Fiori is a dynamic and engaging speaker. Myself and the rest of the audience were mesmerised from start to finish. We were also motivated by her energy, inspired by her story and enthused bynher sense of humour. Fiori is a genuine, authentic speaker who provides realistic and practical tips. Anyone who implements her strategies and tips will improve their performance in life. It's rare to see a speaker make such a lasting impression, but Fiori has done just that!

AMES Australia



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