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Cam Nosworthy Travels from Perth, WA

Cam Nosworthy


  • Creativity / Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Performance
  • Personal Development
  • Psychology
  • Sport Coaches

Cameron is a coach, author, TEDx speaker, and founder of a performance centre which is a crucible between psychophysiological research on optimal experience and applied practice. Learning how cutting-edge research can help integrate flow into leadership, innovation, performance and self-fulfilment.

Cameron has been a junior international tennis player, awarded the Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize for reports surrounding flow and performance, and is contracted with the publisher MacMillan and agent Curtis Brown for his literacy works. Cameron has coached numerous World Champions, leaders, teachers, high profile military personnel, students, and aspiring professionals to help them find success and improve their experiences.

Fascinated by optimal experience, Cameron studied Sports Psychology at postgraduate level and is synthesising Flow research from across neurobiology, neurochemistry, psychophysiology, psychology, philosophy, and sociology within his PhD (University of Western Australia and PAHL Group). He has published multiple academic articles on Flow.

Cameron is a qualified International Coaching Federation coach, holds a post-graduate certification in Business and Personal Coaching, and numerous certifications in a range of coaching and counselling domains. Over the years he has helped athletes win World Championships, CEO’s become profound leaders, conduct mergers, and helped kids excel in their exams. Cameron’s coaching style is dynamic and fun, focused on practical application, and psychophysiological changes.

Cameron now talks internationally at a range of events including TEDx, graduation ceremonies, University lecturing, AGMs, and many other keynotes.

Keynote Titles

  • The psychophysiology of optimal performance
  • What is Flow and how to install a flow culture
  • The science of peak performance and how to apply it
  • What is Flow and how to Find it
  • A new way to perform
  • Creating optimal learning environments
  • Self-leadership - Going beyond the ordinary
  • How to create sustainable performance in organisations
  • The states behind creativity and innovation
  • Mindfulness and Flow


Cameron is an exceptional public speaker who has a unique ability to captivate an audience and keep them engaged. His relevant knowledge in matters of reaching optimal performance (through Flow) is outstanding. Anyone who has the pleasure of meeting and working with Cameron will gain life-altering tools to help them thrive (not survive) as they reach new heights.


Thank you very much for facilitating our innovation workshop recently. You certainly created an excellent environment for our team to engage and make an even contribution. The structure of the day was ideal to maintain maximum productivity. We also thank you for following up and holding us accountable for implementing many of the ideas we discussed on that day. Great work, thank you.

Brew Hub

Cameron’s passion for Flow is both evident and infectious: he has a relaxed but confident and effective coaching style, which I found provided the space needed to enable change. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cameron and would highly recommend him. Harriet Hay I had the pleasure of inviting Cameron to speak on the TEDxUWA stage in October of 2018. He did an incredible job, of not only captivating an audience with his ideas, but by inspiring them….His presentation was highly successful and audiences found it relevant and engaging


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