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Becky Hirst Travels from Adelaide, SA

Becky Hirst


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Becky Hirst is the author of For the Love of Community Engagement, a reflective memoir that calls for a rethink about how government connects with communities to inform their decision-making. She is also the host of a popular podcast by the same name, listened to by people across 27 countries, and one of the co-founders of Global Community Engagement Day celebrated annually on 28 January in 40 countries.

Through her work over the last 25 years, Becky has worked with hundreds of government clients, helping them to engage with the people they serve. She estimates that during this time she has engaged with over 50,000 people in conversations about things that matter!

Someone recently referred to Becky’s community engagement work as fingerpainting. But there’s absolutely nothing childish, soft or fluffy about what she does. Becky possesses the HARD skills that many political and business leaders find challenging: compassion, authenticity, the ability to genuinely listen and putting the needs of people first.

Becky is happy to work with the client to tailor make content for the keynote depending on the theme of the conference, but general themes include -

  • Building trust in communities
  • Community engagement in local government - what does it look like, what could it look like
  • Community engagement in the context of global society
  • Public participation excellence in local government
  • Community leadership and creating movements
  • Community-led public participation


Becky’s approach to community engagement is cool and creative. As a person, Becky was super approachable and generous enough to inaugurate our Community of Practice at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). Becky’s passion and the HARD skills that she taught our researchers were valuable and relevant. Becky has the niche skill of taking the audience along with her story and teaching them some important lessons through her key insights. Becky is a real force in the consumer and community engagement sector in Asia-Pacific and I highly recommend Becky for the love of community engagement.

South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI)

Loved Becky as she gave us a good foundation at the start to reflect on what we have been through so we could move forward. Loved Becky Hirst’s session. What a brilliant presenter and such a relevant topic. Becky Hirst - was good to have benefit of her collective knowledge of community sentiment. Becky Hirst was dynamic and engaging and the topic was very relevant to CD practitioners. It was compelling. 

Local Government Professionals Australia

Through her strong storytelling ability Becky brings focus, energy, creativity, curiosity, and thought-provoking conversation to her keynote delivery. Her lived experience, big picture mindset, and contemporary perspective coupled with her professional, and principles-based approach to community engagement enables Becky to start and lead the conversation. Her genuine interest and passion for the need to continually review rapidly changing and expanding community engagement practices is contagious. Becky left our audience educated and inspired to improve community engagement practices in their communities.

DCM Institute


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