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Elfy Scott Travels from Sydney, NSW

Elfy Scott


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Elfy is a presenter, journalist, and author.  In 2023, Elfy was appointed as an Executive Editor at Mamamia, publishing long-form journalism, columns and appearing on podcasts such as The Quicky, Mamamia Out Loud and The Spill. Previously, Elfy hosted the Spotify exclusive podcast, Left Right Out and weekly environmental news podcast, The Green Canary.

Her debut book, ’The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About’ focuses on the experiences of people living with complex mental health conditions in Australia and was published by Pantera Press in early 2023.

Elfy started out her journalism career at BuzzFeed News as their first science reporter and her freelance journalism has featured in The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, SBS, Junkee, Pedestrian, and VICE.  She also worked as the senior producer and host of the daily video news show, The Junkee Takeaway for Junkee Media, which secured over 20 million views in its first year. In 2021 she took home a 30 Under 30 award from B&T in the Producer/Journalist category for her work on this show.

She has collaborated as a presenter and producer with a number of high-profile brands including Red Bull, Google, Snapchat, Greenpeace, and Bank Australia.  Elfy is a huge nerd at heart and her greatest passions include science reporting, climate action, and talking about mental health.

Journalist Elfy Scott grew up in a household where her mother’s schizophrenia was rarely, if ever, spoken about. They navigated this silence outside the family home too; for many years, this complex mental health condition was treated as an open secret.  Over the past two decades, we have started talking more about common mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. But complex conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and psychosis have been left behind, as have many of the people who live with these conditions or who care for them.

Part memoir, part deep-dive investigation, The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About is filled with rage at how our nation’s public discourse, emergency services and healthcare systems continue to fail so many people. It is also a work of care, telling the little-heard stories of people who live with these conditions and work at the front lines of mental health. Above all, this timely, compelling book is informed by hope and courage, breaking down taboos and asking big questions about vulnerability, justice and duty of care.

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