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Karen Percy Travels from Melbourne, VIC

Karen Percy


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Karen Percy is an experienced journalist, speaker, director, mentor and trauma trainer. She's worked around Australia and around the world over her decades as a journalist.

She's committed to diversity and equality and champions inclusion in all of the work she does.  Karen has considerable experience as a journalist, communicator and researcher to ensure effective governance and oversight at companies, NFPs and government organisations.

Karen is a professional, warm and engaging speaker and presenter.  A polished, lively, energetic and informative speaker Karen shares her experiences, her knowledge and her observations with warmth and candour.

She draws anecdotes and moments from her long journalism career - as a foreign correspondent interviewing the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Imelda Marcos, Boris Nemtsov; as a court reporter bearing witness to some of the nation's most notorious criminal cases; as a long-time observer of journalism and society.

Whether it's addressing journalism peers about the need to uphold ethical, public interest journalism or encouraging students to make noise about their needs as citizens or reflecting on societal harmony at iftar dinners during Ramadan - Karen is thoughtful, poised and understands her audience.

Karen has given speeches or moderated discussions on climate change, journalism ethics, trauma in the workplace, the threat of homelessness in older women, gender bias, family violence, online safety for women and more. Tapping into her research and communication skills, she's always well researched and well prepared and handles difficult topics with sensitivity and care. She's witty, inclusive and always meets the brief. She makes speakers and guests feel welcome and ensures a variety of views are heard. A savvy user of social media, she'll promote wherever possible. She takes pride in running on time as well!


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