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Ruth Kent Travels from Brisbane, QLD

Ruth Kent


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Ruth Kent is a sought-after corporate wellness consultant, wellness coach, workshop facilitator, and mindfulness teacher.

She provides one hour to whole-day workshops, retreats, classes, and programs designed to educate, empower and energise in mindbody wellbeing.

Ruth founded her organisation to help people become mindfully aware of their health and wellbeing so that they can live and perform at their best. In her work she shares the latest evidence-based, woo-woo-free research in a fun and inspiring way. Ruth brings the science and research of public health, psychology and health sociology, mindfulness meditation meditation, wellness coaching, and yoga together to create a holistic view of wellbeing in the workplace.

With a lifelong passion for health and wellness and a natural curiosity of people and what makes them tick, Ruth first learned to meditate at the age of 15, at a time when meditation was still unconventional. This curiosity and passion for well-being led her to study Psychology, a Post Graduate Diploma in International Public Health, 500+ hours of yoga teacher training, Health and Wellness Coaching, a master’s in Biomedical Meditation Therapy and Allied Health, and more.

Research now shows that it is possible to foster and enhance a true state of wellness through your own practices, choices, actions, and environment. Ruth is passionate about sharing this research with others to create true lasting change.

She has worked one-on-one with individuals, and with corporations like Commonwealth Bank, Australian Ethical Investment, NewsCorp Australia, and more, delivering corporate health workshops, mindfulness experiences, and one-on-one coaching.

Keynote Titles

  • Mindful Me
  • Make Self Care Your Superpower
  • Mindfulness for Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Stress Management 101
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Breathe Your Way Calm
  • Let's Talk About Sleep
  • Health Tips for Better Performance


Ruth is a proven and trusted thought leader and practitioner in mindfulness practices at work. She has helped many with mindfulness approaches at work to not only help support individuals to better self-regulate, but also foster broader organisational performance. Ruth is passionate about mindfulness and emotional intelligence at work - highly recommended.

Digital Transformation Agency

Thank you Ruth Kent for an amazing hour of Make Self-Care Your Superpower during your wellness webinar this morning. It was packed with tips and tricks to help manage ourselves and develop a tangible selfcare plan, especially in preparation for a particularly busy period of time coming up! Knowing and understanding our stress signals and coping strategies was invaluable, and will help us continue to show up as the person we want to be for those around us

ANZ Bank

As for Ruth Kent, it was AMAZING. It was very interactive, enlightening, and most importantly, RELEVANT! A lot of people from the audience participated actively and quickly.

Cushman & Wakefield

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